Derby #62: Panic!

The Derby #62 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these **rules for rejection ** compiled by derekfilley anyway.You should also look at this help thread by tgentry.

This derby has a NO TEXT rule. That means absolutely none, not even numbers on a clock face. That includes any symbols you’ll find on a computer keyboard as well as foreign scripts (no Asian text). And before you think about being tricky, the infinity sign is text. The point is the DRAW A PICTURE. :slight_smile:

Oh brother…

Nothing really pops into my head at the moment. This may be a tough one!

Sounds a bit familiar…

I foresee a lot of resubs from the Emergency! derby. Can we get a no resub rule on this one?

Sounds similar to the Emergency! theme we just had. Hopefully we don’t get any re-subs…

Wedding comes to mind…

Wedding isn’t much of a panic, knew that was coming. When the pregnancy test is positive, that’s panic.

I like how they incorporated something similar to tgentry’s suggestion in the “Gently discuss your derby concerns” thread. The prohibited stuff should be a regular thing.

After a week hiatus, I am back in this one. I already have an idea. And it won’t be resubbing my emergency fish. :wink:

Yeah I think that’s really cool! I wish they would have chosen no panicking food stuffs since winners 1-3 will probably be food about to be killed.

Wherever would you come up with that idea?

Wonder if someone would do something with Kernel Panic. I’d buy that shirt for work.

OK, that was sad…

That works too.

Some people panic on their wedding day though.

Might be hard without text.

You’re probably right. Makes me wonder if it’s worth taking a shot at the prize this week. If something comes to mind that I like and would result in a shirt that I’d actually wear, I may try this theme. Otherwise, I’ll see you guys next week.

Anyone going to be in Glenside, PA this weekend? There’s an art festival on Easton Road at 11 a.m. I’ll be participating unless there’s a rain delay.

Throwing out some ideas for panic…what about a person on the toilet without toilet paper…now that’s a time to panic…think along those lines and there are numerous options available…I think I have a good one but then again…it’s everyone else’s opinion over my own…LMAO

Shh… don’t give them any ideas!

But yeah, I’d also support a banning of anthropomorphic foodstuffs, considering several shirts like this have been printed in the last few months (Oh Burned!, When Life Gives You Lemons…, Cartons of Death, Jimmy, is that you?).

Joel said something about this: