Derby #76: Beginning

Very broad theme. I’m gonna let this one stew for a bit.

Interesting… Sounds Big-Bangish

I got dibs on a duckbill platypus hitchhiking. It’s the beginning of his great adventure.

i too think i’m gonna let this percolate for a bit. no big ideas off the start…

got one, but i’ve got a question. if we say our idea here in this open forum, are we entitled to that idea? i’d like to get some feedback, but i don’t want to give away my idea…

I have a concept I’ve been working on for quite a while now, maybe I’ll put it together for this theme…will have to think about it.

Ehh, I think it’d be pretty base to steal someone’s idea, and I’ve seen it happen before. However, I don’t believe anyone here who’s really into these derbies and seriously competative would have to stoop to having to snatch someone else’s blueprint. So, let’s hear it. :slight_smile:

Gahhh, I’m screwed, I know there’s gonna be a thousand better entries than mine. D:

Oh man, how many original NES/Atari controller entries are we gonna see?

But seriously… I have an idea, but I really don’t want to recycle an element I’ve used several times in the past… Gotta come up with something new I think.

Wish I could have text…

thanks for the help. well, my first idea concerns the beginning of all journeys. For most people, physical journeys take some sort of fuel with which to get you there. my idea: fossil fuels. i’ve heard [correct me if i’m wrong] that oil comes from decomposed dino’s. therefore, the design will be a cross section of the ground with dino bones below and something oil/gas related about the crust. this part isn’t planned yet, but i am begging the dino sketch now. any feedback would be great.

Ooh! Something you’ve been working on for a while? (insert mental image of myself jumping in anticipation of something great)… COOOL…


I’m not a expert on dino fuel, but I like the idea. The only thing I’d say you should pay attention to when creating it is making sure is says “beginning” more than “past”

thanks for the advice

No prob, I await some of your sketches!

Now on to continue working on my ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me think of that scene in Jurassic Park where the talking strand of DNA does like a “Dead-dino Reanimation for Dummies” presentation. Ya know, the scene where they have the hardened tree sap-o-mosquito buried in the ground and all the little 2-D men digging and scrambling for it.

Yeah. That scene.

I heard that most oil comes from plankton and other plant like material that was once floating in the ocean… upon death, it sank… layer upon layer built up, until the oceans dried up, or enough built up on top… eventually oil was made…

I’m sure there’s several ways to ‘make’ oil though,.

I hate when people do this. do something original to the theme, don’t try to fit something you already made to the theme.


Bleh, that’s all I can think of really. It just seems like everything that comes to mind is so unoriginal.

Well, it doesn’t have to be a literal beginning to an event or a journey. I had briefly thought about using a sketch like this as my entry, because as a child, this was all I drew. Mountains and windy paths and trees. It was the beginning of my life as an artist, and I was going to literally put a sketch I did when I was ten or so on a shirt as my entry. I still might, if I find a drawing in one of my old sketchpads that I think works like I want it to.

What I’m trying to say is, when you’re lost for inspiration, turn inward. It’s always helped me, I hope it’ll help you.