Derby entry comments for Derby #332: Evolution

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Parody of issue #1 of Radioactive Man (if you’re old enough to remember that Simpsons episode!), with a twist of Fallout’s Vault Boy.

What I love most about the Fallout games, aside from the new one being announced in a matter of days, is their rad depiction of mutation and natural selection.


This is five colors on an asphalt shirt, please vote if you like this design!


Love it!

That explains a lot!

Excellent mashup, and cool shirt!

This was a classic shirt just waiting to happen, brilliant! :slight_smile:

In case you can’t read all the text, it says:

Don’t wait on nature!
New! Radioactive Waste
Use on your friends, your turtles, even yourself!*
A revolution in evolution!
*results may vary

Thanks to OakenSpirit and ApeLad for the input during the work in progress!

Thank you so much Matt. I spent several hours on this one so that it looked great!:D:D

Maybe he’ll get out on good behavior…

Evolution is like rolling a snowball uphill…

Hahaha excellent!

Not every permutation has what it takes…

Awesome- love all the little nods. :slight_smile:

This design makes me smile SO MUCH.

Click on this to see it bigger on flickr:
Origin of Origin of Species by Ape Lad, on Flickr

So that’s the secret of the ooze!
:slight_smile: +1

Love the style-

SHHH! its a secret… but yes :slight_smile:


I’m a nerd!! :smiley: