Derby entry comments for Derby #46: Green

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Larger view :slight_smile:

The poem:

I is the green-eyed monster.
I wish I has a frend.
But ev’ryone just run awayz
an’ I alone again. :frowning:

O hai, I like ur flower…
No wai, u like my spikez?!
No I is not a monsters!
Yay frendz! Wat else u likes? :slight_smile:

The story:

The Green Eyed Monster (we’ll call him Gem for short) was always lonely and misunderstood. He was a little emo, to say the least, but he couldn’t even mope properly because he was so brightly coloured, and black depressing clothes didn’t come in his size.

Gem frequently had temper tantrums and went on rampages. Everyone thought he was just greedy and envious of everyone around him - all those people who had clothes that fit and all those people who had friends. He received his name because, when he was in such a fraught state, his eyes would glow green.

One day, as he was destroying buildings, a little girl fearlessly approached him and offered him a flower. Stunned, Gem sat down (crushing a fire hydrant beneath him) and stared at the girl. The green of rage and envy faded from his eyes and, with tears welling up in his eyes, he reached out for the flower.

Gem was quite anxious as he had never had a friend before, and he wasn’t quite sure how he should act.

Later that day, authorities discovered little Suzy in the street, flat as a pancake.

Just kidding.

Actually, little Suzy and Gem became best buds. Suzy came from a rich family and had specially-fitted clothes made just for the green reptillian giant. They lived happily ever after.

Until the Japanese military came to destroy the demonic Godzilla-like beast.

Just kidding.

Thus, my design conceptualizes green in the following ways:

  1. Green is jealousy and rage, personified (or, uhh, monsterified) by Gem.
  2. Green is peace and tranquility, again displayed by Gem.
  3. Green is being new to something, just as Gem was new to making friends.
  4. Green is nature, via the flower.
  5. Green is money, via Suzy’s family fortune.

1 and 5 are the only ones that rely on the story; the other three come through in the design. :slight_smile:

Green is where all things that grow begin. Printed as large as possible.

This world is full of “I want what she/he has.” If everyone wants what belongs to everyone else, we will swallow ourselves whole. That, or the Leviathan, a demon of envy, will do the job for us.

Greedy little greed frogs from Greedland engorge themselves on fireflies until they can eat no more. After that they’re just wallow around on leaves and only contemplate on eating more flies.


Green means GO… but which way are you headed?

The eyes of envy. We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all had them.

A retooling of my entry from last week. A postcard from somewhere that’s green.

Haha! Gis is amazing. GMV!


Natures forms up to strike back!


This shirt profiles an unlikely candidate for green energy. Unpopular with some, sure.

The design detail has text on it, but the shirt does not (see inset).


Great artsy shirt, GMV.

This is a collaboration of jamescho84 and tgentry for all those lawn cuttin’, black sock and sandal wearin’ dads out there…

Apologies to the late Shel Silverstein for this parody of his wonderful work.

This is absolutely amazing! Nice work to both of you!!!

Leprechaun with Green Eyes
Emerald Stone Ring

The future of automobiles.