Derby Preview #688: Color of the Year 2019!

In celebration of Pantone’s color of the year for 2019, Living Coral , the challenge this week is to incorporate a shade of coral into your design! The topic is open, the requirement is that you need to incorporate the color coral into a noticeable amount of your design ~ roughly 10% at least! The shade of coral can be your choosing, it does not have to be the exact PMS code of Living Coral. We just ask that you bear in mind the Woot customer when creating your designs and be conscious that this color looks better on some shirt colors than others! No New Year’s designs and no cream tees!

You can also submit all of your non-coral designs over here through the standard submission portal!


Is there a HEX code or something for the shade of coral? I resorted to using an eyedrop tool on a screenshot, but I’d like to make sure I’m using the right shade, since it’s the point of the derby. Thanks!


It can be any shade of coral! Doesn’t have to be the Pantone color, so you’re good!

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Yep, rereading the write up DOES say any shade of coral. Thanks!

I hope someone does a Walking Dead tribute to Coral Grimes.

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Or maybe Coral Line…