Derby Preview #733: Subversive Holidays



  1. seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.

This ones for the grumps, the protesters, the institution changers! Stick it to the man and change ideas about the holidays (only November, December & January holidays that is). And it doesn’t even have to be negative! Just illustrate what a subversive holiday means to you.

No cream tees, and since I need to be specific you sneaky sneaks, no politics. No Halloween and no holiday after January 31st.

This Derby begins THURSDAY October 31st & ends THURSDAY November 7th at noon, CST. The three winning designs will be featured as the Daily offers Friday - Sunday. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale each Monday, so be sure to check back and see who makes the cut!

Please be sure to email your artwork to as soon as you submit!

If you want to submit any off-topic designs, submit here!

If you are new to the derby and want to participate, WELCOME! Also, please check out our full derby guidelines over here!

You can also download updated templates for your artwork over here . Happy designing!

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I’ll have more previews up tomorrow afternoon!

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So no … elves … storming into an ethics investigation on … Santa … while disregarding all security aspects?


I don’t see that as political. :hushed:

Right… And no Elves trying to overthrow the current Santa because they think that the Bumble would make a better Santa than a Comedian that used to sell tools… Wait… What? Where was I going with this?


A bigger issue with even allowing any hints of politics is that it’ll be a very short lived design. As ridiculous awkward as marker gate was and more recently, apparently Colorado needs a wall because I suppose New Mexico isn’t a part of the US anymore, the finite life span based on current events won’t really sell a month from now.

(Just IMHO …)

yeS. Cats. Subversive… always.

Merry Catmas!

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I’m assuming you meant October 31st. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact I did…thanks for the spot.

Yes, always a battle between selling timeless designs (or at least less timely) versus selling timely things because you know the customer wants it.

I think the bigger story here is that we are learning that all States (or maybe just some) are shape-shifters that can move closer to whatever disaster/crisis it would be beneficial in that moment for them to be a part of. Everything’s a conspiracy.

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This Derby was made for me!


Same. Humbug. :joy:


Greetings @Lady5tark (or others) I’m working on an idea for this but can’t get the psd templates to work on Inkscape on my Mac. I tried adding .psd functionality using the solution offered at , but no dice. When i click on the Illustrator forms link, it takes to a page where nothing happens. Any idea how to get the templates to work on Inkscape?

Hey mydearWootson, Inkscape is only really used for vector files (and .psd is not a vector format). If you are looking for some open source free software to open the .psd template files, then download GIMP . It should handle them fine. Good luck!

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D’oh! Thanks for the info. I’ll try Gimp…hope it’s easier to pick up then Inkscape for a noob. (Though I’m now adept at arching text in Inkscape…so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice).

Ok folks, I couldn’t get GIMP to download on my late 2012 mac mini…so I pieced together a design with xpaint and Inkscape. I even managed to get it in png format AND put one on a template. The problem is, I’ve no idea how to do anything more than black on white. Anyone willing to help a Wootsen out with getting some color? (It’s a monochromatic design)

I also forgot to say NO UGLY SWEATER DESIGNS. Save those for this one.

Was anyone planning to sub an ugly sweater design??

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Some food for thought…