"Discuss this deal" links?

Is the missing “Discuss this deal” link/button intentional on so many Woot deal pages?

Example: the Amazon Smart plug today.

(I must be clueless since from the “Forums Home” page where I created this post, the “Everything but Woot” drop down would not let me change it to something else.)

Changed the tag to Mortimer & Monte’s Info Desk since this is a legit question. I think next time if you start typing it might give you other options, although there are very few of them.

I think it’s still a glitch, much like the post count on the “Discuss this Deal” isn’t always working.

Seems to be working now but I’ll keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

Huge power outage in Dallas yesterday so a few queues were backed up. Should have all flowed through now.