Locking Catagories

Just spit balling here, but shouldn’t the topic creation in the Deal Chatter section be limited to staff?

You have too much time on your hands today. Maybe they’ll hire you to help with the forums!

Sorry to bother you. There was a spam post in Deal Chatter that was posted by a new user. With this new interface it is difficult to see that it wasn’t an official Woot offering.

I’ll use private messages next time. thnx

Maybe “they” don’t care because it says at the top: “Wanna know more about a great deal? Jump in here to see what others are saying, compare reviews, and offer your own!”

Does offer your own mean offer a deal? Or does it mean offer a review?


Either way, @cwolfpack3 your the only person who responded. So thanks for that at least.

I agree - once the forums are “stabilized” there should be sections that have their thread creation privileges set to admin only.

Oh, you’re fine. I was just browsing around the forums. I don’t get notifications unless I’m in my browser and logged into Woot. I turned them off, otherwise.

I suppose this might be the new deals.woot! We’ll see when more outside deals get posted. Imma not going to flag them anymore.

Imma also not going to click on their links either LOL

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