Do these shirts shrink in length....???

Hope I’m putting this in the right place–only seeing 3 categories, so here goes. I bought several fitted shirts that have been printed by Bella Canvas, and I am wondering if they are going to shrink in the length? These shirts are exceptionally LONG for size Medium. I am long-waisted, yet they hit about mid-thigh on me unwashed. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to advise me as to whether they will shrink, based upon their own experience, please? I’m trying to decide whether to wash them on Cold or Warm b4 washing the first time, and just wondered. Love the shirts, but am not loving the skirts. lol :wink:

The care instructions from Bella Canvas are as follows:

Machine wash warm, inside out, with like colors
Only non-chlorine bleach
Tumble dry low
Medium iron
Do not iron decorate
Do not dry clean

Personally I don’t own any Bellas so I haven’t washed them myself, but I would imagine based on the care instructions from the manufacturer there would be some shrinkage if you were to wash and dry on hot as opposed to warm stated in the instructions. I would be aware though, that the shrinkage won’t be controlled to just adjust the length - you are going to get shrinkage all around if you do wash and dry them on hot, so they will end up being a little more snug around as well.

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Thanks so much for your impressions, Lady4tark! :heart_eyes: I had considered all of the above; it was only the fact that these shirts were manufactured soooooo long that made me wonder how they washed up—it’s a bit hard to believe they’re designed to say this length. :coat: lol I’ve had cotton shirts that didn’t shrink at all (even NOT labelled “Pre-Shrunk”), as well as a few that were washed in cold water that shrunk so much they no longer fit me, which is why I was hoping to gleam some insight from someone’s experience with these specifically.

I’ll keep looking into it, see if I can get you a better answer from our wash testers!

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I’m typically nicer to my shirt.woot shirts, so most of mine are line dried. I do have some shirts on Canvas 3001 that have been regularly washed hot and dried on high, though, and the shrinkage was very minimal. I don’t have the exact measurements right now, but it was under an inch for a men’s large.

(FWIW, Bella + Canvas, Bella is their female lineup, Canvas is their male/unisex lineup.)


WOWEE! Thanks!! :1st_place_medal:

Thanks for the info, Narfcake! Yeah, I was hoping not to have to dry these, but when I saw the length, I knew that if I didn’t, they’d have to go to somebody even longer-waisted than I, and that would be…NOBODY. lol I guess I’ll just start with some warm water and see if they shrink any, then take it from there. I ordered a Men’s Fitted Size Medium, so I’m wondering if I got Women’s now, based upon the info you gave about Bella Canvas lineup. Hmm…

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If the larger lettering on the tag says CANVAS, you got the right ones. It should be like so:

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Ah, cool, that’s right then…thanks for the reassurance! :smile:

Does your clothesline stretch from your house to the next county to accommodate all your Woot shirts?

Nope! I’m not going to let my shirts fade from being in the sun all day, y’know!

As for length, the difference between is about a hem’s width. Both are Canvas, size large.

(Your machine may vary.)

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@Narfcake I feel like I should start a box of all the old woot shirts kids lost interest in or the random ones I got that no one wears/wore/liked and send it to you.

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Hey, thanks for the image, Narfcake, but I’m confused…what accounts for the difference in lengths? Different shirts, and, maybe different orders, or were they handled differently in the wash and/or dry process, please?

Are there any unworn ones with penguins or otters?

not so far

don’t think I own any penguin or otter shirts.

Did you say “county” or “country”? :smirk_cat:

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Sorry to read that.

The gray one has been washed hot / dried high on a regular basis. The baby blue one is cold washed and line dried or on low.

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I think if they had penguins or otters we’d wear them and not give them away.

Who would wear a penguin or otter?

Oh. Wait.

You meant design-wise.