Dock Around The Clock

Not just the docking systems, but the ipod to go with them. Anyone familiar with Xtreme Mac?

Remember, ANY Apple device that does not come already with a Apple Warranty, indicating an Apple Refurbished device, CAN NOT be signed up for Applecare. So be careful of purchasing an iPod unless you are not concerned with the non-Apple refurbishment.

Enough already with the apple-centricity. How about some cool stuff for those of us with android-based devices (micro USB connections)?

I have an Altech Lansing unit similar to (but older than) the $74 model. It has very good sound, reasonable battery life and, yes, there is an audio in for other devices. Don’t know if I want to try a micro-usb connection, they seem so fragile. I don’t even like the Apple connector!

Dude, I’m all about that! I am so sick of every single media accessory coming with a lowercase ‘i’ in front of it. You would think as long as there have been Apple competitors out there…Android users would have a few more options that just Bluetooth connectivity.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way (several times), it’s to never buy anything with an Apple dock. Apple will break the functionality sooner or later by changing the dock specifications, either physically or the way the connection functions. The new iPhone has a new one, in case you’re haven’t been paying attention. Bluetooth is the way to go these days, and you can actually use your device for other things while it’s streaming music.

Yes! Some love for us android lovers in the audience would be a wonderful thing…

Can this really be called the “Current Generation” anymore?

Bought the Altec 630 player last month from Woot and it does a great job. For 35 bucks it has the sound of a unit costing, oh, about 50 bucks. which is not bad, really. the fact that it is portable makes it quite useful and for those complaining about the Apple-centric products, this one has an AUX in which allows Android phones & MP3 players to hook up easily. Certainly a buy at this price.

I bought this unit a month ago and paid too much at fifty two bucks shipped! This is a smokin deal. Sounds 90% of a Bose system a friend has but they will all look down their noses at you. Anyway the fact it plays off lit battery longer than your iphone will makes it totally portable! A must for me at camp with no generator! Cuts out if you get a call and works perfect with my iphone 4 ! Best deal on the internet on a cool portable dock! If pluged into its charger it will charge your iphone constantly or continue to charge it for a while after you unplug it from power until it runs the docks lit battery down to around 80 % then it saves the battery for itself! Comes with software to install to create graphic equalizer to optimize speakets! Very cool looking in the red! Dont walk run to order it st this price! Great little sounding docking station you can take anywhere


Tempted by the Tango, but it doesn’t look like it will recharge a 4s with slim case on. It uses inserts with smaller iPods only. Put one up that I can recharge the phone with its case on, your wootliness!

The new iPhone and iPods don’t go on sale until tomorrow!

The rechargeable battery sounds like a huge plus. I love not having to buy batteries!

Remember that the new iPhone5 has a different port/charger so you’ll either need an adapter or wait for a dock that’s compatible with new/old generations of iPhones.

These have a 3.5mm audio-in connector so you’re not out of luck, despite your vitriol! You can buy these and plug them into the headset jack of your Android device with a simple $.99 cable.

To counter the future limitation that the new connector presents, look for alternative connections (like the prior mentioned 3.55mm and bluetooth) to balance the equation.

Hopefully Woot doesn’t continue to destabilize Woot loyalty via similar deals like $400 rugs, and too-far-removed values that entrench buyers in increasingly obsolete tech.

I have that AL dock and it is absolutely excellent. The sounds gets loud and stays clear. The rechargeable battery lasts longer than I’ve needed for a full day at the beach.

My one gripe is that the aux in port is in the back behind the fold down stand. Occasionally I’ve wanted to have that flap secured up and still use the aux in. However, at this price that’s hardly a deal breaker.

I love The Darkness!

It’s also kinda fun that the Woot guys picked a band that did a Super Bowl commercial for an Android device ( I wonder if it was intentional?

They must believe in a thing called “love all brands”