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Check out these comments on the 30-setting Dual Combo Showerhead back when it was sold in June

Check out these comments for the oval shower head back when it was sold in June

Note to self: never buy during a woot-off.


I can’t say I’m pleased…

But, for what it is worth, I am quite happy with the 30-setting Dual Combo Showerhead. It is quite good for the price.

Same here dae. But fortunately for me I purchased the sound bar and it is the same price. Idk how much ya paid for the shower head but I can say the water fall one I bought 3 of them from last time offered here on home woot and they are awesome! Love the waterfall design. Not to happy that it decreased the pressure of the old shower head but the water comes out fast. You will run out of hot water in like 10 to 15 minutes. But def worth it while ya in there getting flooded by the waterfall. Hate I purchased 3 for 29.99 each back when it was last offered. The only thing I dislike about the shower head is that I have a shower piping that is angled down and therefore it like the old comments stated will have to be put on at such an angle just to get it right. Wished the head was detachable to make it even more fantastic!

This company stands behind the lifetime warranty. I bought 3 of the Luxury Hand Shower for like $7 each a while back on Woot. Not the best qualify product because the inner rubber tube/hose(wrapped by flex stainless steel outer coat) burst after about a year. One call to the company and they shipped me a replace hose in Canada without hesitation…I bought these on Woot and shipped to a US address. Interlink rocks because they stand behind their lifetime warantee just like Moen, American Standards, Delta and other bigger names!

$5 cheaper then when I purchased one back in January. The dual head version is nice except you will need massive pressure to use both heads at the same time (to which I can not seem to get). The old shower head had plenty of pressure. The “rain” setting is nice but you will need to stand directly under the shower head. 99% of the time now we only use the one head. It is so high my wife and son can’t reach the settings and change them with out standing on the tub edge. The detachable head is now mostly used to clean the tub.

Just wanted to let people know how it has worked for us.

I got one of these a few months ago, and I guess my old shower head must have been clogged up because there is plenty of water flow, its just a gentle stream that’s all, best part about it is the ability to reach the back side of the shower to clean. I like that.

I also bought the 30 setting dual the last time it was offered for $5 more. It is the best shower head I have ever used! I have one in each bathroom now.

Not sure if I got a defective one or not, but the one I got has problems with it and I am sending it back. Whenever I switch from the flexible head to the static one, the water flow causes the tension in the holder to break and it falls forward every time. The only way to partially prevent this is to position the showerhead strait up in the air. Even then though is malfunctions from time to time.

Bah, why can’t anyone sell a rainfall shower WITH a removable attachment?

The 30 setting one is close, but the permanent one is too low for my low shower head on the wall.

I would stay away from the dual head. Had mine for less than 2 months purchased through woot and the selector switch is now broken. These are very poorly made.


I did last they came around here, and I’m very dissapointed.

The selector valve stopped selecting. It turned (very easily) but that was it. Popped off the knob to find the glue had given out on the spindle.

Reason for that is the spindle is stuck, and my wife ‘forced’ the knob to turn, breaking the glue. Took it off and tried to figure out why it was stuck, but I can’t see or feel anything wrong with it, it just won’t turn.

They aren’t very good shower heads anyway.

Hmmmm. It’s worth an email to support@woot.com. No promises though.

These have a limited lifetime warranty. Have you contacted the company?

I bought the oval shower head back when it was $29.99, and for lack of better expression I would say that this shower head is God, only a god can create water out of thin air.
My old shower head used to drip down a few drops every few seconds, just enough to get you wet, the pressure was not there. But with this head water comes flowing down with speed and pressure I didn’t know exists in my building.

This is definitely the best 30 dollars ever spent.

Is it too much to hope the extender arm comes with the 10" model?

I have nothing against a plastic shower head. However, the parts that screw onto the pipes need to be strong enough to be tightened without breaking. The water splitter/diverter in this unit is made of cheap plastic, and worse the seem joining the two parts of the mold runs along the part you screw onto your water pipe. That means that the weakest part of the device, needs to be tightened the most. Therefore, unless your extremely careful the part will split on you during installation.

I split the diverter even while trying to be very careful.

Hmmm…what would the complaint be, that the product is $5 cheaper now?

Heck, I bought the combination LED Lenser P7 flashlight and H5 headlamp on Aug. 20 for $29.99. Eight days later, it’s back – for $24.99.

Sorry. Extender not included.