Dress For The Sport You Want, Not The One You're Playing



Shirts? Shorts? Bras? Let us know how they fit!


The bras are extremely thin, almost like panty hose. Jeeze. Ladies, if you’re blessed with a larger bust, I don’t think these would hold up.

I like them to wear around the house and to sleep in because they are very lightweight. But I can’t imagine jogging around town in them.


Does anyone know the sizing of any of these??


Is it new?


i can inquire on your behalf.
do you have a specific item in mind?


Thanks for the info. I like the girls to be quite immobilized when I’m working out. If the bras are as flimsy as that I guess I’ll pass, since I dislike having to double up.


Bras have seems on the shoulders; makes the hard to pull on and uncomfortable to wear


The 5 pack of shirts makes me wonder if Woot might actually be listening and was trying out some different shirts for Shirt.Woot.

Nah, probably not.


i’m interested in the shorts (they imply they are boys/girls size)

but it seems like this stuff should just automatically be posted with size charts…


Interesting. Between the golf gear having wide shoes and this event having small shirts I feel as though somewhere out there the awkwardly built golfers of America are getting all the bargains.


I want to order some shorts if they are men sizes, but I have seen these shorts before, and they were BOY sizes then! Why doesn’t woot clarify what category of person the clothes are for? It implies men sizes because the tshirts say mens (I think). DARN! I only have 10 minutes left to order with unlocked shipping…


Very unlikely. I could only imagine how many more complaints they would receive. Open end and carded cotton versus ringspun and combed.

Besides, these 5-packs have been offered before.


Dear Woot,

When announcing a sale of clothing for sports, please do not turn around and offer cotton garments. For athletic pursuits, synthetics are broadly preferred, except perhaps by those lucky few who do not find wool itchy. Wearing cotton while exerting will result in painful chafing, binding, and, most critically, very poor temperature management. The latter becomes quite important when it comes to skiing, or related activities. Having a bulky, wet layer next to the skin will turn you into a hypothermic popsicle faster than you can say “Woot has innovated and now sells crap WITHOUT the bag!”

(Sorry, cynicism burst through at the end there.)


Here’s what I got from the buyer during the first sale of these shorts:

SIZE: XXS (3/4), XS (5/6), S (7/8), M (9/10), L (11/12) and XL (13/14)
We bought these as “youth”. Each brand/company markets their sizes differently and “youth”, “junior”, and “kids” are often interchangeable terms. Specific waist measurements are not given on elastic banded items.


Apparel manufacturers are allowed a tolerance to spec, so there could be some slight variance from the above measurements.


No medium tees? Unfortunate, you would’ve had me.


As a 34gg, I laugh at Woot’s pathetic attempts to sell me bras.


I can tell you this, for the larger person in the audience, there can be some 4X shirts mixed in those 3x boxes. Know that one from experience.


SO i just baught about 7 pairs of shorts, Now i am afraid if they are for kids or adults. I assumed these are for adults, considering everything else was.

Can anyone clarify if I just purchased MENS or BOYS shorts?

I am a size 32 waist in jeans, so i ordered a few MED / LARGE.



Well, I was hoping they would be of the same size because I eventually want one of each. Thanks!