Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool - 2 Colors

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Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool - 2 Colors
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 20 to Tuesday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What is the wattage of the unit under cooling or heating?

Time to check out the product page and check out this “good” review over at PC Mag

Currently $139.99 with free shipping on Dyson’s eBay store.

Looks like these are factory reconditioned, whereas those are refurbished.

Are you implying there’s a difference, or just making a joke?

Factory reconditioned insinuates that Dyson did the reconditioning.
Refurbished could be done by anyone.

At least that is how I read eBay’s comments on it.

4.7 Stars and over 800 Reviews over at Bed Bath & Beyond

They seem to have gone out of their way on the Dyson website to avoid placing a tangible number on that. I am interested as well because if it were less, then I could use it with the emergency generator and add another device or appliance with the savings.
The only thing that they say is that it will save 30% over the average fan heater. In my recent experience shopping for them, 1500 watts was pretty standard. That would put their claim around 1050 watts.
An interesting side note, I saw references to a recall for these and the AM04 models while using their search feature, but that page now just shows all models. So that is probably why these are being dumped back out at this price when the cost new is $399.

I just got mine from the last Woot Off. Does not work. I have emailed Woot so far no response. Has not been 24 hours yet since email. I hope it is not a big hassle to return as a lot on here say it is.

I purchased a Dyson can on woot “factory refurbished” problem was on the box it clearly indicated it was an inferior grade of refurbishment by saying “b stock refurb” the unit has obvious and numerous dings nicks and blemishes all over it. It WAS functional but looked like bell. Woot please be honest and state the level and condition of refurbish or candidly I’ll never buy refurbish from woot again. I have had excellent prior results on refurbish on eBay and manufacturer site. Not here though

For some companies, “A” stock means new and “B” stock means factory refurbished.

I purchased one of these from Woot a few years ago. There was a recall on that model due to something with the heating element. They said they fixed it, but there ended up being a second recall and that time they replaced it with a new one.
I have not had any issues with it and I use it almost every day in my office which is either too cold or too hot, so this is a perfect little fan/heater.
They are a little noisy though. I would never pay full price for it, but I am very satisfied with it.

[MOD: Any recall issues will have been remedied on these units.]

Got ours for 129 directly from Dyson refurb few weeks ago on Ebay. Then they upped the price to 209 or 229. These used to be 149 here, gha A04 a little less.

Yes, there is a difference,