Element 26” Class 720p LCD HDTV

And we’re back

I’ve never been so happy to see a pricey refurbished teevee!

Noooooo! needed to get more shirts.

Sweet! They listened to me and resumed woot off!



Game on!

Pretty good price, not familiar with the element brand though.

Nice TV as long as you have a small room and don’t plan on moving around much to watch it. Picture cuts out pretty quick when changing your viewing angle.

Yay! No more t’shirts! Pretty good price on a 26", too… just not good enough for my bank account - BUT everyone else - Please buy 3!!

OK - so as I asked at the (finally) end of the shirt.woot imposter - someone 'splain what the triangle with “deal.woot rep” means???

Happy Birthday Me! I want this!

I for one welcome our new Element overlords

After the horrendous t-shirt detour, the least they could do is throw up the B.O.C.

Does anyone know what the USB on the side is for? Can it play medias right off the USB?

kidding, right?

What a terrible way to resume after the T-shirt break.


$199.93 on searsoutlet.com for the exact same refurb TV. (regular $399?) I bet woot’s shipping is cheaper.

I thought we were going to get T-shirts.