Element 40” 1080p LCD HDTV

Main boards and Power Supplies are a well kinown issue going out on Element T.V’s.
The Customer service Dept is horrible and it will cost you more to have a tech fix it than it’s worth.
Google the problems people are having with Element televisions and be prepared to be reading for hours and hours on end.

We use to sell these televisions at Sears. IMO worst t.v. ever. I always had to return these pieces of junk and fulfil warranty agreements to customers who bought them.

Dimensions With Stand
38.58" x 26.38" x 11.39"

Dimensions Without Stand
38.58" x 24.41" x 3.58"

Like I said earlier, mine is about 3 years old and I’ve had no issues at all(knock on wood)

These are probably from the same batch in the warehouse that you bought yours from 3 years ago.