Energetic Lighting LED Shop Lights

In case anybody’s wondering, I got the one with the Bluetooth the last time around and I’m pretty happy with it. It pairs up glitch-free, and the speakers sound decent and have good volume. Ideally, I’d prefer more of a daylight white These are on the yellowish side, but not as bad as so-called soft white, which I can’t stand. But I think I’m gonna buy another one.

I also ordered four of the 4’ last time (Dec 12, 2017) to replace four old florescent fixtures in the girlfriend’s garage. Plug n Play. Of course, the receptacles were already there.

Very very happy. Was like night and day. She almost thought it was too bright at first after installing compared to the old fixtures, and even now, after having becoming used to them, still comments how bright they are. She loves them. IMO it is a bright white daylight color.

If it is too bright, the nice option is the on/off pull chain on each fixture, but she has never turned one off yet.

Haven’t had any problems. If I needed them for my garage, I would order them again.

It says hook and chains not included, but they were included in all four of the fixtures I ordered.

Not sure how the warranty and service will be in the future if ever needed, but they have a great warranty.

How long is the cord on the 4 foot model?

Are the bulbs included?

It’s an LED shop light, not a bulb-style one

I bought three of these here last year in June for $32/ea. The cord on the 4ft (with receptacle plug) is about 6ft. I don’t recall them coming with any screw hardware. They DO come with two very short (6" or so?) chains (“chain ropes”) for hanging. The chains were much too short for my applications, so I went to walmart and picked up longer ones in the hardware section for pretty cheap. They also have mounting holes in the back you can lock the light onto after attaching down the screws.

They weren’t packed very well though, the cardboard boxes they were in were thin and one of the lights had a rattle when I got it. I took it apart (easy, remove front diffuser that’s just popped in) and took out some pieces of hot glue that had broken loose. (was used to secure AC wires inside the light) The lights didn’t weigh very much though so I can kind of see why they weren’t packed any better than they were. One box had a big enough hole that one of the two chains had escaped by the time I got it, which didn’t matter since I was replacing it anyway.

I had a choice of warm or cool white, I got cool white. They work really well and are almost blindingly bright. Would be nice to be able to dim them actually. (they do not work with dimmers) I used white duct tape to construct a flap on the front edge so it wasn’t shining into my eyes in one of the installations. There’s a pull-chain with a large pull on the end to turn them on and off that works well, though it does tend to send the light rocking if its hanging by chain.

They’re LED, they have no bulbs. LEDs are often quoted with a 10+ year lifespan. (they’re new enough on the market that it’s hard to estimate lifespan) The DC current supplies inside the fixtures will probably die before the lights do. (they are totally internal, there is no external power brick) The AC cord is also pretty heavy duty. I recommend these lights, they work really well for me.

“Are the bulbs included” is actually a reasonable question, since I’ve retrofitted existing shop lights and installed LED tubes.

Retrofitting essentially means removing the ballast and wiring the 110 directly to the two ends where the tube mounts - but don’t simply follow those instructions. Do your own research before attempting anything.

For me, it’s a deal breaker that there are apparently note separate tubes.

Does the 4 foot light have 1 bulb or 2?

I dont want to hang them using the chains. Can you screw the fixture directly to the ceiling?

I have a different model from the same manufacturer, and the service was excellent. The unit arrived with the pull chain broken (I assume due to rough handling in transit). When I called them, after confirming that it wasn’t something I could repair they immediately sent me a prepaid Fedex label to return it. In a week or so the replacement arrived, packed much more securely.

I dont want to hang these shop lights using the chains. Can you screw the fixture directly to the ceiling? In other words, can I flush mount them to the ceiling?

Bought before the holidays and one bulb is 1/3 black in the middle. A little too close a replication of fluorescent bulbs… :frowning:

I’m sorry for the problem. Did you contact Energetic Lighting?