Energetic 4' Shop Light or Strip Light

Any chance of getting the quantity on this bumped to 4 for 2 end to end runs?

Any chance of getting the quantity on this bumped to 4 for 2 end to end runs?

I will ask the vendor team and let you know if I’m able to change it.

Good Morning. It is okay with us.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. For all customer service needs, please send me an email rjones@energeticlighting.com If you have any questions about these lights, please ask! Have a great day =)

Here are a couple of simple notes about the two lights. These are damp rated, work great in garages, laundry rooms, workshops, awnings, commercial buildings, closets, and many other places! The ELYSL-5004C is chain mounted and comes with a plug in chord, whereas the ELYST-8024C is a surface mounted fixture.

I am glad to see you have the strip version now on woot! I purchased the shop version and turned it into the strip version. Excelent lights, I love mine.

I tried to order 4 lights and received the message that I went past the limit of 3 lights, so how do I order any additional lights? Thanks…

It’s a bit unclear if the Strip Light includes the LED bulbs as the shop light indicates the color but the strip light does not. Could you please confirm? Thanks.

Are the strip lights 4000 Lumens?

Garbage, stay away.

Broke within a few weeks and the company took a few weeks (!) to accept a return and wouldn’t cover $22 of return shipping.

What broke? The WHOLE thing or just some of the LED’s, or the switch?

Great! We’ve upped the purchase limit. Thanks Rob!

For those of you that are Sams Club members, they currently have 4’ Honeywell LED Shoplights (Link up to 10 units together) for just shy of $35. They’re 4500 lumens. Just put 4 up in my wood shop and they’re awesome so far.

Yes! What are the lumens and temperature of the 8024C?

Hello! You do not need bulbs with these LED fixtures. The light is built in.

Both of these fixtures are 4000K or Natural White light

Not true. We cover all costs with shipping for any damaged or defective items. We process the return right away and send a shipping label within 24 hours.

The 8024C are 4000 Lumens