Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit

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Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer RCLM3NMBP Rechargable Metal LED 3-Watt with Car/Home Charger

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YES! They do include an instruction manual so people will know how to use this FLASHLIGHT.
1 Green Color Filter
Instruction Manual

How are the red and green covers attached? Do you have to remove the clear one or not?

3 watts/80 lumens is a really good deal for $13

So I wonder will the green filter, show blood if you are tracking an animal?

How does this compare to a maglight?

I need a flashlight that can double as a spotlight. A 3 “D” cell maglight works perfectly. Is this comparable?

awesome deal, 54$ on amazon


It comes up on buy.com for 19.99, but sold out so still a great deal.

It got 1 4 star rating and 1 3 star rating on amazon,

Also, here is an explanation of filter colors from Cabelas :

The red filter is perfect for illuminating the night without the fear of spooking game and for use with nightvision equipment. The blue filter is ideal for tracking wounded game at night. The green lens won’t affect your vision at night and is ideal for map readin

Niiiiiceee… and the descrip doesn’t even mention the other use as a DIY Lightsaber kit.

I’m thinking that, based on the numbers, this is more a personal flashlight. I don’t believe that it would function as a “spotlight” like you require.

so what size battery(ies) does it take? AA, AAA? It doesn’t look as if the battery(ies) are included.

I believe that the battery is built in, thats why it comes with the chargers. The fact that its rechargeable would mean it already has a battery inside, more than likely that you cant remove.

Ummm… It’s a rechargable unit that COMES WITH chargers. Obviously batteries are already inside the flashlight.

Herp derp! Read the specs.

Instruction Sheet.

Looks like a good deal if you are willing to keep up with charging the batteries every couple of weeks. That has me concerned though as I’ll probably leave it in the drawer and the batteries will be flat when I need it.

I wonder how long it takes to recharge?

ah, thanks to the url above I see it is 12hrs the first time and 4hrs after that.

Found some discussion on a forum…


Not very informative, though.

Hmm, what I need to do is check out the LED maglight numbers to compare…, THANKS!

seems like a pretty good deal.

some things to know about it though

Not waterproof: Do not use in rain or immerse in water or other liquids.

BATTERY PACK: 3x1/2A Ni-MH rechargeables rated at 1.2V, 1000mAh

RUN TIME: Approximately 85 minutes after full charge (will decrease over lifetime of battery pack)

hmmm… if they can use replaceable rechargeables that hold its charges for a year like eneloop, then I am intersted. Otherwise… I know I won’t keep it charged and that when I really need a flash light in an emergency, I will actually have non… till 4 hours later or non at all in the house unless I go charge it in the car.