Engagement Ring Sets

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen on Woot!

Engagement ring sets for less than $25!?!

I’m going to buy a dozen and ask every pretty girl I see to marry me!

One of them is bound to accept - well, until she finds out I got the ring for 20 bucks on Woot.com.


This is truly awesome.

hahaha, You sound like a keeper :stuck_out_tongue:

You want to be the first, don’t you?


I wouldn’t even use one of these to ask a girl to “go steady”…

I don’t think that’s a thing any more.

Sure it is… It happens right after “necking” ;-D

This has to be the worst woot in the history of woots. If I got this in a BOC I would send it back.

These make awesome ‘no-pest-strips’ for ladies night out.
= >

Do you know if the wedding ring really works to keep pests away? I was thinking that the price is right for those nights when I want to relax at a holiday party (or event).

I go with a $5 wedding band that looks totally legit for this purpose. I wear it to work every day. No one has ever assumed I’m single or bothered me. Whether that’s because of the band or because of my attitude (don’t mess with me) is hard to say, but it’s certainly never hurt.

“When you care enough to spend the very least”

I bought the tri-stone set last time around. I love using the band as an anniversary band with my wedding set. The tri-stone ring is pretty but better for someone petite. I’m sticking with my one carat round solitaire.

Totally putting one of these under the tree - to my brother’s GF, from him.

This should be good…

Film it, load it on youtube, post link here.

I was pretty amazed at how subtly flashing my (actual) engagement ring led guys who were trying to hit on me to politely end the conversation and leave me alone. I suspect these would do the trick.

A lot of people also use these to wear instead of their original ones at work, or sometimes on vacation where people can lose or have them stolen for whatever reason. I can see some people using these if they have a rugged job and don’t want to bang their original up.

Couldn’t you go to a “Cash for Gold” place and sell it and make a few hundred bucks? All they care about is the gold, not the stones…

*edit - Missed the whole PLATED part of the post… silly me

Is that before or after the “Hickey”? =0

Now I feel like a total id10t, I spent 2 months salary, when I could have spent 15 minutes salary.