Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector
Price: $237.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought one of these reconditioned units from Woot a couple of years ago and
they’re the real deal. I’ve used various detectors for decades including several Escort models and this one is the best. I especially like how you can use the gps function to cancel out any false alarms or unimportant radar signals by just locking them out, so on your daily commute you can be assured that if it goes off, there’s a real chance you’re getting your picture taken by a police officer.
This thing will pay for itself and then some just by saving your butt one time.

I’ve got one from a previous woot and it’s great. Much better than the non-gps versions. The device remembers and ignores door-opener and other false alarms. It beeps and displays “stored” to tell you that signal shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Once I ran a software and gps update I was happy to find that it had stored the nationwide locations of speed and red light cameras.

Waze is spotty around me. (Active user population seems to be dropping, not sure why.) So a radar detector is still helpful.

Not cheap, but I like the extra information and early warnings when I’m driving around town and across the Lower 48.

Red version is $299 at Costco, fwiw.

I’ve had this detector since 2009. Hasn’t failed me. Valentine has a bit better range and arrows, but the GPS lockouts make Escorts the winner, especially in cities. Tempted to buy for my wife, or to get the latest for me and just give her my 9500ix.

I have one of these from a Woot last year, and its the real-deal. Like others have mentioned, the automatic GPS lockout is fantastic. Anytime you pass the same signal in the same location for the third time, it locks it out automatically. And yes, it smart enough to also unlock those positions automatically should the signal disappear from that location, or change other parameters. My only complaint is that it does pick up some of the radar-based lane monitoring systems. In particular, it seems to false alert from Audi and Cadillac systems. Its still very, very good even with that minor inconvenience from time to time.