Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

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Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
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Bought one of these in a previous sale. It’s sitting in a drawer because it alerts all the time on all of the newer lane guidance, stopping distance monitoring, etc. features on newer cars. It’s basically useless at this point.

What is this thing?

Yeah, well, good thing you don’t live where they use the K band to monitor the flow of traffic at intersections. They do where I live and it’s more annoying. I’ve learned the freq’s so when it does pop an alert, I know it’s not a real alert. I would wish Escort would have at least send out firmware to allow the user to BLOCK certain freq’s.

I have two (2) 9500ix’s. I can send it in for a “update” to stop those alerts from early warning/lane change, etc but this version doesn’t get that update. Newer devices, you can do it by just hooking it up to your PC and update yourself. I don’t get a bunch of alerts to justify sending it in so I’m fine with it. Besides, I use mine on the highway and in my state, Ka band is the band of choice and they drive around with it on. I’ve turned off my Ku and pop alerts just to cut down on any false hits.

I’ve had one of these for years and its the best one I’ve ever owned. I only have laser and KA running with all other bands turned off and rarely get a false alarm. On the freeway if there’s a cop set up ahead it will pick him up I swear over a mile. Worth every cent and this is a steal at 120 bucks.

This model can permanently mute certain radar bands? Is it easy to configure?