Eskimo One Size Sting Ray 33cc with 8Quantum Ice Auger

Eskimo One Size Sting Ray 33cc with 8Quantum Ice Auger

It states AS IS…is this new…or a refurbish unit!??

That would be nice to know. I guess they don’t care to answer your question… yay woot

It sounds like this is NEW, but a clearance item so maybe that’s where the “As is” comes from?

But more worrying is if you follow the link to the 30 day return policy you’ll see the following “Items that use fuel (e.g. lawn mowers, grills) are not returnable to Woot!. Please contact the warranty provider to repair or replace as needed.”

And since there is no warranty (thus no “warranty provider”) you’ll be on your own if this thing fails to work.

I bought one anyways…the unit is rated good and the parts are available…I needed a lightweight one and this at 28 lbs is right for me…just hope the motor runs…I trust WOOT…I never had an issue with their products…

I take it you have been very judicious with your purchases.

Right on…I always try to use good judgement…I sort of jumped the trigger on this one… THEN saw the NO warranty…I have faith in Mr. WOOT

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If I just need to dig some post holes, but like overkill, will this still be too much auger?

This is an ICE AUGER…would not work good in the dirt!!!

Well I just got the auger…it looks great…all new…came in factory Eskimo box…got here in great condition…not much packing inside the box. Added some can pre-mix gas and it started right up…on second pull. Looks like a great buy…will test out later…need ice…lol…

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