Euro Solid Wood 6 Drawer Roll Cart

In for 3 Espresso Blacks!!
Seems to be a solid deal from mostly good reviews on Amazon.

WARNING: Got these a year ago and am not too happy.

The drawer bottoms are cardboard and, after a while, they sag and slip out of the tracks that hold them in place. The contents fall out and the drawer sticks.

The solution is to go to a lumber yard and replace them with thin wood that slides into the slots. I tried duct tape to keep the cardboard in place and it did not stop the sagging.

The drawers were holding a ream of paper, another has batteries. Not lead weights or anything out of the ordinary.

[MOD: The bottom of these drawers are MDF, not cardboard. If your set was Adeptus, they would be happy to help you. Call 1-888-ADEPTUS or email]

Thank you for the information Very helpful.

[MOD: That post was incorrect. The bottom is MDF.]

The specs say the drawer bottoms are MDF. Has this changed since your purchase or are the specs wrong?

[MOD: Bottoms are MDF]

I bought mine a few years ago off of woot, and mine are MDF. The do slip out of the little tracks, I added a couple drops of gorilla glue and haven’t had the problem again. All in all a great product.

Smart. I always glue slide-in pieces myself.

Pretty upset I paid Woot 40+ last month for the same drawers!

** HEY ALL!**

I just talked to the President at Adeptus and he confirms that these are solid wood and that the drawer bottoms are MDF.

If you ever have problems with an Adeptus product, he wants you to contact them immediately.


Can’t believe I paid 2x this price for these same drawers from woot just a month and half ago!

Wish they still had the black available, I’d get the short wide carts (I got the short skinny ones before).

I feel your pain I paid 112.00 for a GPS they sell for 68.00 now! DOH!

Yeah, I’m used to that happening but not so soon!

I’m going to check with my Discover card. They say they’ll do a price drop reimbursement on purchases made within 90 days.

Man, these arrived fast!! Got them yesterday already. :slight_smile: