Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

I bought this and the drawer slides didn’t fit the drawers. I contacted Woot and the manufacturer but no one got back to me. STAY AWAY!

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I’ve seen many comments about quality issues with these (like weak drawer bottoms that sag). Thanks to all of you who post them, because I really need a cabinet like one of these and almost pulled the trigger a few months ago.


GARBAGE! These are a scam.

Came missing major parts and with broken parts. Contacted Woot and the manufacturer and got zero response.

I recommend you steer clear of these!


These are for light usage. I bought and built one and did not have high expectations and it met them. It is acceptable looking if a PITA to put together. You are not going to store tools in these. Best for light clothing items. If you keep your expectations in check, this will probably fit a niche.


I may be the exception to the rule, but I’ve been pleased with mine for light storage of supplies for my home office. I always “glue it & screw it” when assembling furniture like this and, for the eight months I’ve had it, it’s held up well. The only issue I had was the holes for the casters were not large enough, but that was an easy fix with a drill.


I’ve had two and love them, the oldest is several years old. I think they are easy to assemble and sturdy. I also use glue like the poster above. I’ve had no quality issues or missing parts with either one.


I’ve purchased two of these last year, and they are great. Additionally, if any thing “doesn’t fit right” or breaks or whatever, Adeptus has instructions to contact them in the manual, and they were extremely responsive and they give you an easy way to re-order parts you need to replace for free. They did so twice for me, and shipped them immediately. Plus they even have a handy website to choose the parts you need.

Highly recommend. For the price the quality is on-par. Helps to have a drill for assembly.

I agree they are best for light use, I use them for keeping my desktops clean of tablets, accessories, cables, chargers, adapters and the like.

Agreed with some of the earlier comments, I have bought 3 different versions of these and they are holding up fine within limitations and are fairly simple to assemble with the right tools. I install the screws with a driver with a low torque setting and always use a screwdriver to finish them off to make sure I get a good torque without risking stripping them out. I use glue on every major joint also, clamping if necessary to maintain square and make sure the glue dries securely. I usually use a pneumatic nailer/stapler instead of anywhere it calls for nails/hammering.

I’d also agree that the drawer bottoms are a little weak, if you put something really heavy out in the middle of the drawer it can sag. It’s better as long as the weight is distributed. I have filled them up with as much cardstock as they can hold and they are fine. I have thought about installing strips of wood under the drawer bottom to reinforce it, but haven’t found this necessary yet. I have only had one unit with a missing piece, but it was a support across the back so I just cut a short 1x2 to length since it wasn’t going to show.

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weird the manufacturer got right back to me via their email or support page listed in the manual. They have a website to choose any replacement parts you need and they ship them immediately and for free.

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I have put together I bet 30+ unassembled furniture kits successfully. Unless you have intermediate to excellent carpentry skills, and a second pair of helping hands, DO NOT BUY. No predrilled holes for screws for the drawer assemblies. I got mine half done, then left the whole mess on the curb with the box of parts and put it on Craigslist for free with a warning. Even the part I managed to assemble was poor quality. Verified purchaser here. It caused me a lot of grief.

I picked up the small one for my craft space earlier this year and have also been pretty happy with it. I predrilled all of the holes for the nails with a pin vise and a very small bit, which helped a lot; same goes for drilling pilot holes for the screws. It’s a lot sturdier than comparable particle board options.

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Cheaper on Amazon and faster shipping for the black

I’m seeing their $63 vs our $49.

It’s $49 w/ free prime shipping

ADEPTUS 10016 6 Drawer Roll Cart, Black

I filled out the manufacturer’s parts request form 2x and emailed them and received zero response.

Woot has free prime shipping too, y’know.

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