Excalibur 5 Piece Stainless Barbecue Set


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Excalibur 5 Piece Stainless Barbecue Set
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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nice case


from macys.com:

Excalibur 5-Piece BBQ Set
Orig. $39.99
Now $12.97 + 5.95 shipping
The right tools make the job easier. These stainless steel barbecue tools endure the heat with style. Crafted with extra long handles with hanging loops for cooking ease. Set includes spatula, fork, scraper, tongs and polished aluminum storage case. 90-day warranty.


Can you replace the brush heads with this? Hmmm. I need one…


I have a set from a MACY’s sale a year go.
The spatula is still going strong and the scraper is OK the tongs did not hold up well (they sucked to be honest).

I paid $25 for it so for $10 it’s a solid WOOT even if it will only last a season or 2.

There is plenty of room for all of GOD’s creatures - on the plate next to the potatoes…


Have it. Works great. I payed $15 for it.


My dad has one like this… It’s nice but I have two sets…
Thanks woot…
In the words of yesteryear… “I stayed up for this?”


$10 is not bad, but the summer is almost over. Should make a good Christmas gift.


Huge. A deal for all real men out there.

To quote busted tees:

Nobody likes a vegetarian.



Ok, question: who actually uses those ludicrously large tongs that come in grill sets? I’ve done my share of grilling, and I’ve never felt a need for them.


perfect for labour day barbeques!


In for three. These will make good gifts for people I don’t care about.


I am so in.

But sounds odd use oil on the tools while cooking, Will help the clean.


nice xmas gifts, one for me, and the uncle and auntie get one too. thanks w00t, why the hell not?


Umm, whats the 5th piece!?! The case?


12.97 at Macy’s


Nice set, to bad i don’t have a BBQ :frowning: have to pass


would this be considered a concealed weapon if hidden under my car seat?


Bah 1:05 here, getting ready for a bathe then a get together on the grill.