Fila Men's or Women's Water Skele-Toes

**Item: **Fila Men’s or Women’s Water Skele-Toes
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New

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6/25/2013 - $19.99 - 86 comment(s)

Check out this thorough review over at

Three so-so reviews (2.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

All of these shoes seem to have only 4 toes - what kind of monster are they selling to?

We don’t discriminate based on how many toes people may or may not have. BUT, the last ‘toe’ on these shoes fits your pinky toe and your ‘ring’ toe.

Here are some good reviews on the Mens

You people with tiny feet!! Not to give away to much personal info, where are the real man sizes???
Ya, like 14 & 15 double E.
Never see man sizes here…


Uglier than Crocks.

And that’s really saying something.

I bought these last month from Woot, and I really love them. They are my everyday shoes now, for when I am required to wear shoes. Although I am female, I didn’t want pink, so I ordered the men’s blue and orange ones. I’m a size 7 (US), and, after measuring and comparing to the sizing chart, it looked like I would fit a 7 in men’s. So that’s what I got. They fit like a glove. A funny, toey footy glove.

Are these water shoes as well? Or just walking? I am looking for toe shoes like these for little hikes, water activities, and walking around. But I want to make sure these are capable of it all. Does anyone know?

Yes, these are water shoes and they are fantastic. The ones with the strap are the best and the best knockaround shoe to wear around the house or to water parks like I do. Grab them now!

Seriously, EVERY TIME a pair of Skeletoes comes up for sale, someone has to mention how it only has 4 toe pockets and that they’re aimed at people whose last two toes are fused together or somehow deformed.


I bought these and like them OK. However I have a problem anytime I am around small gravel the holes in the bottom of the shoe will gobble some up. The gravel then gets wedged inside the shoe until I can dig it out with a tine of some substance.

I bought the running toe shoes here a couple months ago on a lark. They are very cool for daily wear, although some folks and wives look at you funny. Getting the pinky into the little toe is a challenge, so these 4-toed shoes ought to be easier.

I gather these are strictly water shoes or light use, and not particularly suited for running or hiking.

I purchased these last month w/ the intention of using them for paddle boarding. They work fine and easily shed water. Sand and small debris has a tendency to accumulate and irritate necessitating doffing the shoe for removal and cleaning. NBD. My other minor gripe is that my toes don’t easily find the correct toe channel and I must spend extra time aligning them. Overall, I’d recommend them.

I own one pair of Fila Skele-toes (sitting in the closet) and three pairs of Vibram Fivefingers (one pair worn almost daily, other 2 now and then depending on situation)

VFF typically cost more, upwards of $120 for some models, but mark-downs as low as $30 happen now and then… but I strongly suggest trying them on in person

Personally, from experience, I’d suggest passing on these and saving for a pair of the original toe shoes :wink:

If you decide to snag a hot pair of these, don’t forget to buy a pair for your girlfriend like I did. Really makes for a bitter-sweet experience when they arrive…

Only PINK for Women?! Ugh. What’s that about?!

I also bought these last month, on a whim. After receiving them, I finally had the opportunity to try them at the city water park.

While much for comfortable in the water than other regular water shoes, I had trouble keeping the Velcro fastened. It seemed like the straps were dragging in the water and pulling away from the shoe. A few days later I sewed some extra velco onto the side and back. The straps are much more secure, but in have yet to test my mod in the pool.

I will say that these are great boat shoes!