Fitness Activity Monitors

I’m not looking for a sleep monitor (I dont sleep, and I dont care). I need something that tracks runs. Do any of these do that?

Most of them do that, but it depends on how much of your run you want tracked- steps? Time? Distance? Actual GPS course? The non-heartrate monitors here seem to do steps and distance (among other things), but they’re meant to be worn all day, so you won’t get the stats you want specific to your runs. I have a FitBit and prefer to use that all day + a phone app called RunKeeper to track the times & distances when I run.

Once again - I work for Striiv, and I’ll answer any questions you have about the Smart! (At some point after you ask them, where "some point = “probably tomorrow”)

Also, Woot-folks - you don’t have to email Chris again to ask if i really work for Striiv - I’m legit. :slight_smile:

I grabbed a Skechers activity monitor the last time Woot offered them. Bad choice. While Woot’s description said it worked with Android 4.3 or better it didn’t work with 4.4. According to the software support folks it works with 4.3 ONLY!
So unless this is a different model, keep your money in your pocket.

Cheaper here on Amazon unless I’m missing something? Ratings are also not stellar…

The LG FR74 says it measures VO2 Max. How does it do that? Does it measure or calculate that number?