Google Pixel 32GB Unlocked Android Phones

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Google Pixel 32GB Unlocked Android Phones
Price: $399.99 - 449.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Aug 01 to Friday, Aug 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Lol so they were impossible to get for months, then they show up here? I see. Google.txt

Is this the Google Factory Unlocked version or the Verizon Carrier version?

Certified refurbished? Or third party refurb?

Refurbished by Whom? Please let us know.
Guessing not by Google {which concerns me) as it’s a 90 woot warranty.

Dang it–I literally just bought the S7 offered here last week because I did not want to spend the money on a Pixel. Damn you, Woot.

Are these phones refurbished by google? Do they have google factory warranty?

Do these come with unlimited online storage for photos & vids?

Just got mine a couple months ago.

It’s a good, solid Android phone. About the only complaint I have is that it only does mono audio by itself - the second hoke on the bottom is for the microphone.

Oh, and this takes USB C for charging and whatnot, so make sure you have some cables and adapters.

I bought this phone from Verizon 2 weeks ago. I have the larger one. I had to go with a 2 year payment plan, so they have me, but they have a special in July. $20 month for 24 months=$480. Not refurbished. So far, I really like it. Great battery life.

If they’re refurbished by the manufacturer, the description will usually say “Factory Reconditioned” or something similar. These are not.

Holy cow you can get a brand new with better than 90 day warranty Samsung K3 with almost identical hardware for half that! What am I missing? There is nothing great about this hardware at all for that price point.

I feel like it’s a bit too late and/or a bit too high priced.

At this point the new Pixel releases in 2-3 months… but likely double this price. I’d go with the HTC U11 or the OP5.


Samsung K3? Are you trolling us?

I recently picked one of these up on ebay from a random seller for $360 (barely used phone).

The pixel is not meant to be the highest spec’d phone out there. It works really well, has good to moderate battery life depending on your usage and mainly an amazing camera with timely OS updates.

I upgraded from a nexus 5X (went for a swim) and the camera is night and day difference.

The verizon version is still unlocked and if you search any android forum you should see people stating this. It will work on any GSM carrier here in the states and likely any overseas.

OnePlus is a joke of a company but the U11 is finally a great phone from HTC after a few years.

The Pixel however is the closest thing people are going to get to a smooth and responsive UI akin to the iPhone. Everything just works and the camera is amazing.

Plus the Pixel comes with unlimited Google Drive storage space.

I had one for a while, and with “the chin”, it just felt too large. But I’m coming from a Nexus 5, so the smaller Pixel at this size and storage capacity is a perfect replacement.

I’ve been using Project Fi since it came out and my avg bill is about $35. its been great for service in Europe and Canada. Im in one of the many areas in Vt. without cell service and I’m able to make WiFi calls.

We’ve had our Pixel 32GB for almost a year. They are simple to operate, and have great features. It has a USB C port for charging, so you may want to get adapters if you have micro cords. Also, it doesn’t have MicroSD, but connect with your google account and photos download automatically. I found other samsung and motorola phones challenging, this one is easy to use.