Gyration Ultra GT Cordless Mouse & Compact Keyboard


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Review here:

Discussion summary:
Page 1: squatch01 says “I like wires.”
Pages 2 and 3: some comments from gyro mouse users, including one long review pasted from epinions
Page 4: sully47 wants to find out the Texas tax coupon code, as long as he doesn’t have to read anything.


EXCUSE ME, DID YOU JUST WOOT™?? It’s ok. Everyone is wooting these days! Be proud when you WOOT!! [;)]

Gyration Ultra GT Cordless Mouse & Compact Keyboard $59.99 + $5 shipping

Now that you have the wireless gear all you need to go with it is a computer!

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To to to too many problems with cordless stuff for my needs.

Especially grandkidz walking off with it.

I need the lanyard.

Good wOOt, though.


Nice mini size. Cordless is good. Just not needed!



Bahhh, no thanks.


Eww. Prepare for hand cramps.


Stayed up for this and I have school tomorrow.


cool but no thanks


NICE woot!


Good woot!
Refurbished… yummy!


Don’t need one…

Does seem pretty cool though. A mouse with a gyroscope in it? So I can just hold it up in the air and move my cursor??

g’night all you Woot-aholics :slight_smile:




blah not for me… time to go to bed


I actually waited for this??? Damn, I’ve got school tomorrow!

yo, it’s wu tan clan, and you weren’t first, HA HA!
Why do the idiots come out on days I post?


too expensive, microsoft is better


This bytes!


Who is Gyration??? Not a bad price i’d say…


I’m typing here now, don’t need one. Time to go back to bed, hope it sells fast! woot woot


Nice, but not for me. I like wires.