Halberd 45-Piece Portable Tool Tote



Halberd 45-Piece Portable Tool Tote

$5.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


Not bad. But I already have a nice tool kit for my truck and home. So… not today. Still have yet to buy on Sellout.




Can’t say anything about the rest of the tools, but the mini screwdriver set looks exactly like a set I’ve had that’s served me faithfully for years.


Bought these when they were feature on Woot back in september. You pretty much get what you pay for. If you’re expecting a set that is amazing in all aspects and won’t break or wear, don’t buy this set. This set is perfect for a college student to keep in their dorm with a price that can’t be beat. That being said, I really can’t think of any other reason why you would buy this kit for someone.


love the pokemon story line!

umm i uhh… only know that cuz umm i have a 7 yr old whos into that!
yea that


Seems like a good “novelty” gift to give out at work…

Love these low-cost do-dads!


terrible quality. if you’re looking to use them more than…3-5 times them don’t buy this set.


Bought these from a woot-off a while back. The jewelers tools are worth a couple bucks I guess, but if you can’t tell form the pictures, this is total crap.


I bought this last time it was on woot. The material of the case and the tools themselves are very cheap. I broke the wire cutters the first time I used them trying to cut tie straps. The other tools are decent. This product has a cheap plastic feel to it overall. The zippers that holds this thing together broke off after a few day of use. You really get what you pay for here.


I bought this bfore it is crap. It was like the tools were made out of chocolate I kid you not. the wire cutters and the pliers broke on the first use.


This is perfect to give three girls I know who ask me to fix their stuff and when I ask for a screwdriver they spend a half hour looking for one and it’s all rusted out or they can’t find it so I have to struggle with my Swiss Army knife screwdriver.

No way they need a quality set. Give em this and they think I’m the hero. Has all the things one needs to get by the one or two times a year they need something in this kit. Why on earth give them anything nice when it’s not going to get used and when something does, it’s for changing a light switch plate, tightening a loose screw, measuring a small space for a paper towel rack, or whatever.

Another e.g., I had to talk an ex-girlfriend in Los Angeles through changing a deadbolt lock. Luckily, she was able to borrow a screwdriver from a neighbor who happened to be home. Otherwise she would have been SOL. She’s getting one of these.

In for three.


Perfect for the glove compartment. In for 2. Thanks w00t!



Info from the previous offering.


I’ve noticed lately that some items have two snails to warn of smartpost shipping.

Is two snails slower or faster than one snail? does it work like a snail pony express, or is it more like harnessing two snails to one wagon, only the strongest snail actually pulls, the other just sorta steers.


Hmm, I’m more interested in the totes than the tools. Some nice quality totes for this price and I’d get 3. Crappy tote and tools, I’ll pass.


Nothing so efficient. It signifies a traffic jam, hence even slower shipping.


You can buy these all day long at Dollar Tree for … um…ONE DOLLAR.

VERY bad woot.



Would this be good for my 13 year old son? He is just getting into the helping dad around the house fixing stuff thing.