Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Hand Blown Wine Decanter
$23.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter

Anyone who’s surprised, go sit in a corner. :slight_smile:

so who’s got this one and how is it?

So if i buy this will i get it faster than like 2.5 weeks because it says “2 Day Air Shipping” or whatever?

Ahhh, you should get this by Wednesday. Ships on Monday, there on Weds.

Actually have had one of these for a while now, surprisingly durable. Good by if you need one.

Considering I don’t drink wine, this looks like it can make a nice vase. :smiley: What’s the weight on this thing? I don’t want anything too thin. Would be perfect if I can get some stone pebbles and some fresh lilies in this thing without breaking it.

I have one somewhere (wife ‘safely’ packed it away). Looks good, easy to use. At $29/shipped 2 days, screaming deal. Now only if I could find the safely packed away one…

well yes, yes you will.


Ok, the fast shipping sealed the deal for us!

yes, in fact it makes for a beautiful vase indeed (it acts as a dessert topping AND floor cleaner).


How cheap is this? Is it glass or glasstic? There’s a store called World Market that has something that looks like this for about $15. Any quality here?


actually, you’re soaking in it!

Glass. High quality.


* Measurements: 9” tall, approximately 8” width at base.
* Heavy Duty Lead Free Glass
* European Crafted
* Direct from Glass Blower
* Stout Artisan Design
* Easily handles up to two bottles of wine

ok, maybe not easily, but it get’s both in there. i love the fact that it’s doesn’t take up much room on the counter, but does the job (IMHO)


nice looking decanter, but I’ve got a bevvy of them, a couple or Riedels, a couple baloons, and my favorite, my erlenmeyer flasks that I wowed the wine.wooters with in my first and only labrat performance with this juice:

as far as it goes though, you anti-decanter folks need to know that this particular bottle of Tularosa Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Savignon Barrell Select starts off ok, but after 1.5 hours in a decanter, it’s wine of the gods.

as a real estate broker I have to say, Decant, Decant, Decant!!

Thanks but isn’t a purpose of decanting to allow more exposure to the air? If I put two bottles into this container wouldn’t that defeat one of the main purposes of decanting? Also, isn’t lead crystal good for aerating wine? Anyone, anyone?

Thanks again.

Is the rim fire-polished?