Hand Blown Wine Decanter

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Hand Blown Wine Decanter [New] - $23.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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Pretty cool. Previous woot

oops fixed. There was a subsequent wootoff selling too.

Ah, the end is nigh.

It’s a good decanter, for what it’s worth. I’ve been very happy with mine.

Aaaaand…we’re done. Shred the veal.

Higher quality and heavier duty than any other I’ve seen at this price point. Love my decanter!!!

Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for this. Now I can look like a sophisticated alcoholic…

How many of these K?

how much will it hold? My Stuart Cellars one, for about $30 holds at least two bottles with plenty of air, probably three. One is amazing cos of the bump in the bottom.

how does this one compare? It says two comfortably, but there’s no scale in the pic to say if that’s one or two bottles in there already. I can’t imagine 8" just like that without having to get out something to measure it with.


Finally last Woot for me thanks WD for al the nice wine.


Man, I’d like to buy this just because it looks cool. But I’m the only wine drinker I know so I don’t see the need for it as I can just decant directly in my one nightly glass. Guess I need more friends.

ok how do you ant tyger know that? Are these monkey vases?

Four million.

I can’t imagine 8" just like that without having to get out something to measure it with.


the hubs and i giggled

That’s one bottle.

Every wootoff ends with this…and I finally bought one…even thou i don’t really need it. My way of saying thanks for all the Corison and Twisted Oak and…etc


me too, I second that

thanks, and thanks guys explaining the end-signal… I’d not spotted that b4. Then that’s NOT two comfortably, as you’d want more space for the breathe. It’s a standard size tho’ … I’m just being picky because my Stuart one’s so large

also been waiting for this… man… this woot off has been detrimental to me… geez…

Please! Some decorum!!

This is a fine item that Woot is offering. It’s not just any old cheap decanter. It’s Hand Blown!

(snicker) (giggle) Oops! sorry…