Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

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Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Dec 14 to Thursday, Dec 17) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I bought one of these last year on Woot and have been very pleased with it. Make sure you check the size. I bought it for my desk at work and it was way too big for that so I use it around the house and outdoors. It’s got great sound.

I absolutely love this speaker, my friend has one and its amazing. I’m worried about the refurbished part, any noticeable issues?

I bought a refurbished one off of ebay for a bit more, but I love it! There was something wrong with the battery connection at first, but I took it apart, removed the battery, put it together and everything was working.

I’ve seen a lot of them for sale with broken legs, so be careful…they do flex a bit.

Got mine during the last woot off. If your giving as a gift just know that refurbished means “stuffed in a brown box with one wrap of foam and the accessories tossed in”. It would be a little anti-climatic to the gift receiver while you just shake your head in acknowledgement for the great deal you scored it from on Woot.

Once they get past the packaging they will find a pretty amazing speaker, I absolutely love mine. This thing isn’t small (like above will take up some desk space) but it puts out such great sound I’m thinking of buying a second one today. I’ve held off a long time on Bluetooth speakers as I figured they all sounded like garbage but this thing is a gem. And I’m not a paid schill for the company, just a happy woot customer again.

Bought one of these new when i replaced my cell phone. The sound is gorgeous and remains crystal clear even at top volume. You won’t be disappointed.

Got one over a year ago from Sprint (yeah, paid more then here but it was NEW and think it was a hundred bucks). It pairs easy, holds a pretty decent charge and really rocks. The only CON I can think of, wish it had an audio INPUT. It is pretty big too (hence the good sound). It can take up as much space as a 17inch monitor w/base.

I thought about this, decent reviews and such- but I don’t know how well it travels (because of the shape). I got this Sony SRS-X55/BLK 30W Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker NFC instead for $79.95:


We also sell them with broken legs on other sites, but we guarantee that the ones on Woot will have both legs intact, or we will replace it, and they will come for the most part in excellent cosmetic condition. They have been fully tested and repaired when necessar and work like they were in their original factory condition. Some of them come packaged in plain brown box with solid protection inside, but most will come in the original packaging and like new condition so gifting would work as well.
The Chubby One

Although some of the speakers do come packaged in a plain brown box, the insides are solidly protected with the proper material, most will come in original packaging in like new condition and can easily make a great gift.
The Chubby One

Worry not as these are in great to like new cosmetic condition and all of them work as they should.
The Chubby One

This one has Bluetooth 3 versus newer models with Bluetooth 4 or 4.1. What’s the big difference? I’m mostly concerned with conserving the batter on my phone. Later BT versions preserve batter on the connected device, just don’t know if BT 3 has that feature.

This question is for the Vendor Rep…Speaking of broken legs on these HK Onyx…do you sell or know where I can purchase legs for these to replace ones that are broken (I have a broken leg — speaker does, not me)?
Thanks for your prompt reply!

This question is for the Vendor Rep…Speaking of broken legs on these HK Onyx…do you sell or know where I can purchase legs for these to replace ones that are broken (I have a broken leg — speaker does, not me)?
Thanks for your prompt reply!

The broken leg seems like a faily common problem. I’m glad I went with the Sony X55



Unfortunately I have been unable to find replacement legs myself. Wish I could be more helpful, sorry.

I was given one of these as a gift and it is pretty impressive. You can easily have it for entertaining 10-20 people inside or out. I haven’t had a problem with the legs yet, but I’ll take the above posts as a warning. I think it is worth the price here if you are in the market.