Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

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Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Feb 29 to Thursday, Mar 03) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Can you link more then one together?

I got one of these a few months ago for $10 more. I have been in love with it since. Used it today for several hours on my patio. I DO use it exclusively while plugged in. There is a decrease in overall power if left to the battery, It DOES work well with the battery for hours, but I noticed it picked up power once I plugged in back into the AC. I DO NOT think it would link with another Onyx. I had to tell my 5 to forget it before the 6S would work with it, and vice versa. Great unit and Great sound w bass that satisfies. Great price, Super Gift.

I’ve got to chime in on these babies. First off, they are mono. Maybe if your sending device has the capacity to send to two different speakers at the same time, you’d get that link you want, but it would still be mono.

Second. You won’t care that it is mono. This speaker sounds absolutely AMAZING. I mean they are a spectrum of notes floating through the air with a great force of breeze behind them! The base is strong, the highs are crystal clear!

Make sure that you are aware of just one thing. Unless they did something different than the one I got, these can only be driven by a Bluetooth connection. You can not connect to it directly with a cord running to your headphone jack on your computer. It is Bluetooth only. Outside of that, holy moley! What a full spectrum of sound and volume! Rock to classical to jazz to new age–this is the best speaker to interpret your smart phone play list. Simply wow.

A friend of mine happened to bring this on a trip out to a cabin. We ended up using it for the full 3 hour drive out to the cabin because the car only had a CD player with 1 good CD. The sound was really good and we ended up using it at the cabin as well! Very surprising for what it is!

It’s maybe the size of a basketball cut in half and then tilted on its side? That’s the only thing that’s a little weird, the way it looks, but it has great sound. I almost thought about getting one after the trip, but ended up getting gifted a different bluetooth speaker. I’m really surprised by how often I use my bluetooth speaker though. It’s definitely a nice luxury item to have around the house.

I got one around Christmas time from Woot…right after buying one retail (on sale/$40 more than here) for our son. …
My friend had one, and I was always envious.
The item I got looked like maybe it was returned because the packaging was damaged. .
The speaker was blemish free.
The updated retail one we bought HAS a hard wire connection option… (onyx2) but not this one.
I’ll echo all of the previous comments.
I don’t have any devices that hook up to 2 Bluetooth things at the same time,so can’t answer to that, but I really don’t think you would need it.
Go to the BB big box electronic store and listen to one. You’ll be amazed .
This is a great price!

like mine. use it everyday to and from work in my 2005 X3. also for 160 mile ski trips. i have an iphone 6 broadcasting to it in bluetooth using amazon prime music streaming (sometimes sirius).
bottom line - ez to use, and sound is better than stock BMW sound system.
BTW - i lie the speaker on it’s back so it will not fall over. it has never run out of juice. definitely would buy again.

It’s my duty to inform people interested in this refurb from Woot that you will most likely get a damaged speaker. They have sold this multiple times and the poor packaging seems to never be corrected despite all the serious complaints of damage to the speaker during transit. Mine and others came in a brown box with NO packing material so the speaker and power cord was left to bounce around.

This was not an isolated case. There are MANY people that experienced the same. Check the last threads from the last 4 or 5 times this has been offered. BEWARE!!!

This speaker is great! I bought one during a firesale on another site a few months back. Got it for around $40 shipped. However, I would gladly pay the $70 for it. This is a really good Bluetooth speaker. The only other speaker that comes to mind as better is the high end Klipsch, but it is in a price bracket all by itself. The only negative I have is with the puck on the back. It is not a speaker, but actually a pocket for the resonance chamber. It moves A LOT, so you need to be careful you don’t have it laying down or anything like that.

I bought this as a refurb from Woot and it arrived well-packaged and blemish free. The sound is absolutely amazing, much better balance than the UE Megaboom. Love it.

Can this be hooked up to a TV and used as a soundbar?

how do you install this to your car? doesn’t it tip over if you drive fast?

The sound is amazing, but the legs/stands are a weak point. Ours arrived broken due to the aforementioned packaging.

Can this be hooked up to a TV and used as a soundbar?


Sorry to hear about receiving them with broken legs, but we have since learned thru trial and error on the best way to package these so what happened to yours doesn’t happen again.

I got this a few months ago here for a few dollars more. It arrived in perfect condition, and while it IS mono, the sound is just incredible. All my other portable Bluetooth speakers are now in the closet.

I got one a couple months ago, refurbed from Woot. It came in a generic box with zero packaging material: just the unit loose in the box with the instruction manual. It was damaged: the box was badly dented, and one of the feet had completely broken off (could not be re-attached).

That might work if your TV has built in Bluetooth. It doesn’t appear that this speaker is capable of being connected to anything by cables…just Bluetooth.