Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t order this refurb from Woot. Read the past couple of threads on this speaker or you’ll end up with a broken/damaged item because of ZERO packaging materials included in the box… And don’t believe them when they say the problems with shipping have been resolved. That’s a lie.

It’s funny because I requested a replacement and was told there were no more speakers, yet here they are again. Guess what Woot? I’ve seen another refurb (a Harmony remote) on here and I decided to order from another site instead.

^^^ I posted that in a previous thread. This speaker has been sold 4 times in the last month. I was told there were no more units to fill my replacement request and this counts the 4th time that I know of that shows that was not true. I said I would warn others about how this speaker is shipped out. So be warned people. Look up all the posts of unsatisfied people with broken/damaged speakers.

Btw Woot and Chubbiestech, I’m still waiting for someone to offer me a replacement…

Sorry, Aztech, that I did not read your comment. I did buy with a poor outcome. The power supply is incorrect. Yup, Woot claims there are no speakers available but the item remains on the web site. Woot is a dishonest outfit. Why does Amazon facilitate this poor business practice?

Same as you guys, my brother has 1 of these so I know the quality of the product and mine came in with a cheap aftermarket plug that falls RIGHT out of the power supply hole and then rubber edging around the whole speaker where the power button is, has been coming out and sticks off the side of the speaker.

This rarely happens from woot but I am surprised to this many people without it being addressed.

I know its a deal and its a refurb but you should at least have someone look over the piece before they mail it. :-\

People continue to post bad experiences with their refurb HK speakers even in the other threads. Someone posted 20 minutes ago in one of the other threads that they’re missing parts.

Where is Woot CS???
Why are these still being sold?

From one of the other threads for this speaker.

Toomuchstuff wrote:
“I just received one from this woot missing the rubber feet. Woot did not contact the distributer as noted in this thread. They did the old… Offer to return or get 8 dollars and keep the speaker. So bought 2 one broken one missing parts. Proceed at your own risk”

This was from the previous offering a few days before this one.

I unboxed mine from the 1/7 sale today and it does not work. It will turn on for a half second or less and then shuts off, even while continually plugged in for many hours.
I bought two of these for Christmas gifts in an earlier sale and they worked fine. I tested before I wrapped, so I know how to make them work. The one I received today is broken. There is no way that it was refurbished and tested prior to shipping. It does not work. Make Me Whole, Woot!!

I bought two. The power supplies are definitely not correct model version and are replacements. One was for my house and the other for a friend of mine. For the price, I thought it was a good deal, but then you add in extra cost for shipping and it’s an okay deal. Did not come with any manuals. Did not come with any product packaging or original power supply. I got lucky both were not broken and worked. If they did not, but they do and the sound is pretty amazing.

I bought one of these about 2 months ago from Woot and have had NO issues. It did not come with a manual but simple to use if you have any knowledge of using Bluetooth. excellent sound and a grat deal at this price

I just got mine.
There’s no denying the packaging leaves quite a bit to be desired; wrapped in a sheet of foam inside the shipping box. I can’t call it “inadequate” since mine appears to be undamaged, but I can see that’s a matter of luck.

The power supply says “Harman Kardon” and seems to fit properly.

I connected and played about half a song to test it out and it worked and sounded great.

I’m a happy wooter.

The speaker is great and the packaging was fine. I can’t use it though because the charger they sent was incompatible! Woot, why? I am very dissatisfied.

Ugh, I’m sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.