Harvest Moon Estate & Winery Late Harvest Zin and Ice-Style Gewürz - 2 Pack

Harvest Moon Estate & Winery Late Harvest Zin and Ice-Style Gewürz - 2 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Russian River Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel 375ml
1 2009 Russian River Ice-Style Dessert Gewürztraminer 375ml
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Is there a volume listed anywhere? I can’t make it out from the picture.

Can I drink this on its own or will I have to drizzle it on my ice cream? Sweet and Syrupy or with tarty backbone?

Woot! First sucker!

Thank you, David!

I also just beat out my couch-mates klezman, HAK, RichardHod, and Cheron98 and will now have my name in lights forever…

As I was once told: Unless otherwise stated, 750mL is tacit.

How is it “ice-style,” but not ice wine? Were the grapes frozen?

edit: I see that the description is serious this time, and describes the process.

When you click the image, they compare against a glass and another bottle. They look decidedly small. 375, I would guess.

I absolutely love sweet wines! In for two!

375, I’m guessing. If you click the picture you’ll see the size if the bottles vs. a glass.

Yes, this definitely looks like the ice-style one.

As I was once told: Unless otherwise stated, 750mL is tacit.

update: But the bottles do look smaller in the click-pic. So someone should update the description.

Cesare confirmed them at 375mL.

I love wines from Santa Rosa/ Sonoma County! Anyone have anything to say about the wines from this winery or these 2 in particular?

Yes, my guess is that they threw the grapes in a big freezer after picking them a bit overripe. I don’t think it freezes in the Russian River Valley very readily. It should be a decent approximation of good ice wine, but I’m still a bit skeptical. I doubt it’s anywhere near complex enough to be a really elegant dessert wine.

Also, the winery website only sells these wines in 375mL size. I’m pretty sure it’s 375mL.


She makes first sucker on her first ever “wine” wine.woot!! Good job! :slight_smile:

375’s each.

fixing now. thanks for the heads up.

Traditional ice wine is a great experience and is special to those regions that have naturally frozen grapes. Some regions, like the Palisades in Colorado, only produce ice wine on vintages when grapes naturally freeze. There are a couple cheaters, and the quality is not quite the same. My money goes to supporting the real stuff.

Well done !

I can certainly understand a demi-bouteille of a desert wine here, but why the Zin?

Also, what is the pH and TA on the Zin? Is it a port-style “desserty” Zin (I see the RS = 5.5%)?