Harvest Moon 2009 RandyZin

Harvest Moon 2009 RandyZin 6-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $150.00) 53% off List Price
Harvest Moon 2009 RandyZin
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I visited the winery a while back and purchased a 2007 RandyZin or three that the winemaker signed. I really liked the casual, fun vibe of the tasting room. The 2007 was quite nice. I still have a bottle to open.

The CT reviews are a bit off putting. I would love a labrat report. Could be the difference.

Also, just hit 100 woots, according to the “my account” feature. Sadly, it was for the kid socks. This is what my life has become.

CONGRATS on the big 100 and the black box!

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a Zin with Sangiovese. Now that sounds like something worth taking a flyer on.

Got these in a previous June 2011 Harvest Moon mixed lot nearly a year ago to the day from an earlier woot. Just had the first the two the RandyZin in the lot back in March but failed to enter tasting notes, which if it were plonk, I would have noted. Still the same price/bottle. Have enjoyed all the Harvest Moon purchases. That 73 on CT is crazy, no green pepper in this. Gonna get me some more.

RandyZin is one of my go-to wines. Always stellar, an excellent Zin-based blend. Living in SF with many friends who are serious wine people, I’ve unflinchingly served RandyZin at dinners and it’s never failed to pleasantly surprise folks. It drinks like a far more expensive wine. I bought a case of the 2009 last fall and I’ve almost depleted it. I’m definitely restocking - this price is better than the wine club discount!

I was just there again last week. I bought some wine and am shocked at this incredibly low price. This is one of the best offerings Ive seen on Woot. Bottle Barn can’t come close to beating this.

Any thoughts on what kind of food would go well with this?

I got this with the Harvest Moon case. My notes were limited.

I recall this wine being pleasant and fruity, decent with barbeque but overall unremarkable. For $12.50/bottle shipped, you could certainly do much worse.

The best wine in that case I believe was the estate Zinfandel. Randy(The winemaker’s) hallmark, I believe is non-over-the-top-wines. He seems to generally aim for more subtlety in his Zins.

The Pinot was decent as well.

Hope that helps.

This should help.

From the (very limited) tasting notes provided by Woot, this sounds like the syrupy, slightly sweet variety Zin. Can anyone confirm or deny?

I visited the winery in 2010 and this is one of the bottles I brought home. I opened in recently but don’t keep tasting notes - I just sit back and enjoy. I’m certain, though, that it was better than average, and remember thinking the price at the winery was very reasonable. This is a great deal - I’ve ordered a case.
Our party also enjoyed the vibe at the winery. Randy did our tasting, and he was very willing to share his experience and philosophy. He even posed for a photo with us. I plan to stop in again when we we’re out that way this fall.

Woot Bot looks like what would happen if The Umbrella Corporation got a hold of the green M&M.

whoh… This is certainly NOT the syrupy, sweet zin style. This wine clocked in at a mere 14.00 % alc (which is low for zin) and is quite dry… In fact, the syrah I blended in was a tannic, very structured syrah which, in my opinion, made this blend much more serious than the fun label denotes AND deviates a bit from my desire to make the RandyZin more of a easy drinker. This one goes down very well, however it is structured (tannic) to be sure. I’d drink 1/2 of them this summer and the second half next spring. Thanks.

Because I put more syrah in this blend than usual, this zin is the classic BBQ zin. The pepper, berry and spice in the zin, coupled with the racy acidity of the sangio and the smoky, cloves and structure from the syrah all come together in a wine you’d want at your next BBQ.

Infernal vacations ! Can’t be around to sign for this. Looks to be right up my aaley to.

Thanks for the kind comment Ray. Don’t worry, I’ll pay extra attention to you (and your future discount) upon your next visit!:wink:

Thank you for the headsup, that clinches it for me, in for one.

PS I LOVE Cali Zins anyway, especially ones with a little extra goodness from sangio. Thanks for the details.