Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (6)

Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$79.99 $240.00 67% off List Price
2010 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

Previous offer:

Nice price on what I can only assume is an excellent wine! What’s going on with these great deals right now? Between this and the Fiddlestix I want it all!

Cannot ship to OH what happened!

Went to order - and no shipping to CT. Odd, because I’ve gotten Harvet Moon wines before. tooo bad - this looks like a screamingly great deal.

I agree, I have gotten Harvest Moon in the past. Got turned on to them when my cousin Eric and Barbara took me to their winery tasting room and I fell in love with RandyZin and have made any Harvest Moon offering an auto buy. Maybe it is a mistake?

I buy lots of woot wine and am normally very happy with it, but not this one. Bought it a couple years ago for more money and not very good. Tastes like a $12 bottle. Drinkable, but nothing special.

Fwiw I believe that was the 2011 vintage, not the 2010 offered here today.

Link to previous offer on 1/13/14

It was the 2010.

Ahhh…thanks! I was thinking of this, which I purchased:


So this offer for the 2010 is $7/bottle cheaper than the last time offered. And positive comments in that previous discussion. Not summer quite yet…hmmmm.

Checked the official list. These states are not on it. Sorry.

Dang, that previous discussion did me in. Going for it, with another 2 years in the bottle since the previous offer it’s worth taking a flyer on.

Contact us direct at the winery for the deal. 707-573-8711

Thanks, Randy

Contact us directly at the winery. We can help 707-573-8711

What’s up Wooters!

I’m offering my 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir today. This vintage offered a light colored, light bodied style Pinot perfect for spring sipping and summer BBQ’s. The 2010 vintage was a cold summer with a burst of heat towards the end of the the growing season.

With its floral, red fruit a great spice, this wine is far from past its time in bottle. This is NOT cult Pinot Noir, rather offers a walk on the Burgundian side of the RRV.

BTW, this wine still has distance to go! Let it rest another few years and watch the earth and layers continue to show.

The wine has additional time in bottle which will help with integration and at the price, it is a $13 bottle. My best attempt? No but nice fruit and spice, light bodied porch pounder.


Looking forward to it! BTW, over the weekend we greatly enjoyed our last bottle of your 2013 Sparkling PN, which I bought here last year. Went great with a varied meal that included monkfish, duck, lamb, and octopus.

That’s great to hear about all the various successful pairings. I’ll be sure to try the lamb this Easter.


I just posted the menu in another thread. Still not 100% convinced that the lamb ragout belonged together in the dish with the monkfish (which was a small fillet that had been perfectly cooked and placed atop the rest of the dish), but they didn’t actively battle each other, and everything on the plate was perfectly delicious.

Everything I can find has it at $30 plus a bottle