Hitachi LCD Entertainment Projector with 76-inch Screen



This is a great price with the rebate.


Prices listed…
Secretprices Projector link $799
SecretPrices screen link $399.99

PriceGrabber project link $559
PriceGrabber Screen link $165 ($130 StoreFronts)

Wow, woot has a $100 rebate I didn’t notice at first, droping it to $469.99 AR. Pretty incredible woot!


Shopzilla Prices… they only have amazon listed.

BizRate Prices… them too. just amazon.

so here’s ALL SHopzilla’s Hitachi LCD Projectors… maybe you’ll find something better you like.

Nextag Prices… they have some more.

… another redunkulous deal. If you can afford it, get it. … p.s. Father’s Day is in a couple days… buy pops some cologne. BizRate has solid prices.


TO expensive! Next woot, No room also


is hitachi a good brand for projectors?


is 1300 enough lumens to be seen during the daytime?


sounds like a pretty sweet deal, cheaper than a tv that big that’s for sure. im not all for proj screens but if i had 500 bucks lying around id think about it.


… I have this biiiiiiiiig, blank wall in My house… hmmmmm.



Rats…not interested in this one…already got my infocus 61 and Love It!


Nice design. Nice specs. Nice price


looks nice for people that don’t have any HD stuff yet… native resolution is only that of DVD quality, so don’t expect HD to look any better than DVDs.

Price is so nice though!! I would buy just to have if I had some cash. Nice woot!


854×480 Native Resolution

Errr… no thanks.


I have been LCD shopping recently -this price for just the projector is amazing. My word woot I wish I had the money to purchase this. Good woot.


No thank. Already have an infocus 4805.


what movie is that?


I might be interested except there are no new movies worth wasting my time on, (I’ve seen Maltese Falcon already), and television is mind rot. I would rather read a book, build a transceiver for 40 meters, or spend my time building other things. Check out the Makezine Blog or the ARRL.


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holy crap, a trigger happy rich guy if ive ever seen one


Does anyone have any estimation about how far back you have to sit to get a good view?


not that impressive of a projector, max resolution is only 854x480… weak