Hook & Ladder Vineyard & Winery Russian River Mixed Case

Hook & Ladder Vineyard & Winery Russian River Mixed Case
$129.99 + $5 shipping
3 2008 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
3 2008 Zinfandel, Russian River Valley
3 2007 “The Tillerman” Russian River Valley
3 2009 Chardonnay Russian River Valley
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No Virginia. Sad Face.

Although, seems Hook & Ladder has been getting around. Weren’t they just on Lot 18?

I don’t think my wallet can stand another mixed case. Now I have to hear everyone else say how good the vineyard is. Sheesh.

Is the Chardonnay Oaked? If so, how long? Type of barrels?

Yeah, I just put mine into the fridge today… they’re definitely making the rounds.

Courtesy of CJ:

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Price Breakdown?

I gotta say, I like the mixed case. It’s a great way to introduce a lot of wines at a very reasonable price. I wish (and my bank account is glad) that wine.woot did this a few years ago when I had more disposable income!

And we all failed on guessing this from the clue;-)

Found this interesting review which has a good bit of history on the winery as well. If the 07 Tillerman white is anything like the 05 one discussed here, sounds like it is a Wooter’s White (aka not oaked to death) for sure!

I can’t express in words how disappointing it is to stay up till 1am EST on a work night just because you can’t stand to go to bed without knowing what’s on w.w, and see that your state isn’t on the list.

I’m eating some cake, dang-it.

Listen to the voicemail from the Winery… I believe he said something like 8 months in 100% French Oak…

EDIT: 100% French Oak, but doesn’t say how long in the barrels.

Two in a row with no shipping to AZ. Bummer!

The upside is I saved a couple hundred bucks.

When did you stop being able to deliver to virgina? Is it sale specific?

Huh? It looks like “The Tillerman” in this case is a red . . .

Being in NY, I never have to worry about no shipping. The downside is that I have to answer to SWMBO and she can put the halt on an order at any time!

This one I am out for, however… I just purchased nearly two cases of auto-buy wines (Wellington and Noceto) so both my wallet and cellar will be dormant for a while.

It’s typically based on where the winery can ship to, not Woot. If the winery hasn’t gotten their paperwork in order for the state you live in, then they cannot ship there.

Ditto. Need some time to drink through this stuff. Will probably have some help from TooOldForThis when he heads this way a couple of days after his latest binge wootings show up.

agreed. but I spent part of what I would’ve saved on today’s kids.woot :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since my last wine woot, so I sprung for a case. Looking forward to trying these new wines.