HP ENVY X360 13.3" i7 Convertible Touch Laptop

I hope this is as good as my current and previous HP laptops. The specs are good for the price. I look forward to receiving it and getting it set-up for use.

Received the laptop and set it up. I did repeated windows and HP updates until it caught up, then I did an hour long burn in test.
Afterwards, I played streaming videos for about 30 minutes and had no problems with anything.

I’m sure it’s not a gamers dream machine, but this seems to be more than a fine machine for college use, which is what I got it for. I’m pleased so far.

Just a few questions.

1 Does this have Windows Hello? I couldn’t tell by the description.
2. How is the SSD? Dr o you happen to know if it is NVME or SATA?
3. Any thoughts on battery life? I know you said you watched videos for 30 minutes but curious if you have more to report.