HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop with 6GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive



I will try again:
Why does the wootalyzer tell me what’s coming well before refreshing the page? How does it know???


Come on another quick sell.






uh oh.


I think I’m gonna be here for a few :smiley:


Well that things a piece of junk.

A bit hefty for a paper weight too. Think I will save my money for another desktop paper weight.


I will answer again

Woot Caches Pages


Damn- I actually wanted one of those slicer thingies… :frowning:


Tad expensive for a BOC


If I had room for a desktop, I guess I’d buy this :confused:


Magic. I’m using mine right now. I dont know how, but I LOVE IT!


They update via the RSS feed which is published quite a bit prior to the homepage. This has been asked for by the woot Devs to shed the load of the main site.


Is that a Mac? OOoooo deal!!


I’d kill for a weather monitoring station about now.


Time for a bathroom break, I suppose.


fuuuuu, sort of want


Or that. lolz


If you believe the stats, the first wooter on this bought three. Yowsa.