HP Photosmart 935 5.3MP Digital Camera with Dock


Welcome to the HP Photosmart 935 5.3MP Digital Camera with Dock topic page for Thursday, March 31st. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


HP’s quality went to hell under Carly’s leadership…I’d stay away from anything they sell these days.


Last night’s WOOT “sucked” :wink: Not a bad deal for $50. Let’s get back to some good tech items. Still waiting for a good deal on a flat panel monitor.

But sort of back to tech stuff… Nice camera deal!!! $169 is a killer price for this package!

www.whatsyourdeal.com … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


Was hoping for the weekly speaker deal. Oh well…


bad review everywhere


decent deal, i think ill pass though


Cheap 5 mpx camera and its New :o but the dock’s a refurb.

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Good deal? I dunno
Psssh, whateva

edit: btw, did everyone else’s AIM go down about 20 min ago? I heard it went down nationwide, and some people on #trillian were saying that MSN and IRC did too… don’t know if i believe that but if anyone knows…


Not a bad deal


Yeah these are very good cameras but the new HP cameras are great!



not bad woot we like it alright!!


I’ll be posting this message regularly to let everyone know what they can expect when they have problems with woot! On 1/26, I ordered the remote control dinosaur. It never arrived, although the UPS tracking indicated that it was left on my “porch” (I don’t have porch)I wrote to woot, they said “no problem, new dinosaur or credit card refund” I replied "new dinosaur"Which was never shipped. I wrote THREE emails to woot requesting status, none were replied to So, two weeks ago I decided to dispute the charge on my credit card.Now woot, is fighting back, saying they shipped it and providing the UPS tracking info. Woot must think I’m spending all this time to rip them off for $20. At this point, I think I’d much rather just spam every woot offering with this experience as often as I can. That sounds like more fun that getting my $20 back.


In for one… thanks woot. That makes three nights in a row for me. Ouch.


Looks like the lowest elsewhere is overstock.com at 229.99. That’s including the dock and remote. Yay for woot! Now stop kidding around and put up some good stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:



Real Slow First Page tonight…

Want it…but just bought new camera… UGH!


I might have gotten this camera if I didn’t already get a Minolta DiMAGE G500. That camera rocks.


amazing deal, the best one ive seen in a long time. Closest Froogle came was $225!

http://www.craigandjamiearepoor.com … throw us a bone[/url]


These reviews talk positive about resolution (it has a Pentax lens!)manual control over programming, user friendly, responsive controls, easy to understand instructions, light weight, good zoom, and compatibility with other HP products. Talks negative about sticking zoom lens, (after 1500 pics), fast battery consumption, bad customer support, occasional software problems.
I’m in for one.


Nice woot but about the same price as ebay


Will there ever be a WOOT-OFF ever again? I’m ready for a good 18 hour eye bleeding brain rot. :shock: