Humless Portable Solar Generator Kit

So where are the pictures of the solar panels?

…on the page.

Where are the specs for the batteries? Are the batteries serviceable?

Is the panel weight listed for one of the solar panels, or both panels?

Its cheaper on the Humless website… It also gives you all the specs

[MOD: You’re on the wrong product - probably without the solar panels. It’s $1999 on Humless.]

Fact check. you are incorrect. This is deeply discounted brand new product!

The battery is LiFePO4 (lithium ferrous phosphate)
No, they are not serviceable
Solar panels weigh 26lbs each

You guys are really bad at this. Provide links so we don’t have to go find them ourselves. Seriously.

Imagine that, it also contains additional specs.

I think the other wooter was looking at the one without the solar panels.

Can we buy the extended warranty through Humless separately?

Does this come with hardware to secure the solar panels to the top of a cargo van converted to camper? I don’t want them to run off, and I also don’t want to be stuck at my camping spot waiting for a charge.

Also, found the tech specs for the panels. Still more questions than answers.

Wonder how this compares to the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit? Seen it priced from 1500 to 2500. Depends on the solar panels, etc. Personally, never heard of this company and even though Goal Zero is kind of overpriced, they seem to have been around a long time and they normally get high ratings on their gear (customer support is a little lacking but I understand they are trying to recover). Guess this kind of set up would be nice for a small cabin.

Edit: Answered. Good compare video:

LiFe batteries are very reliable and probably won’t need replacement.

Over 75% retained capacity after 600 cycles… That is in a test using deep cycling which is probably not going to be the case with this system. Deep discharge=damage with these types of cells.

That seems fine for this type of application.

The charging is the same as A123 system cells which I use for the battery packs I build for my work. So it would be possible to replace them with those if the need arises. Those cells retain over 80% capacity after 7000 cycles.

Regular LiPo’s are trash after 2 years whether you use them or not. And have about 50% capacity after 400-600 cycles with the best case scenarios. I am sure you have noticed this with cell phone batteries.

They made a good choice for batter technology. Better than lead acid IMPO.

Treat it right and don’t deep discharge and for god’s sake don’t run them down and leave them there and you will probably be ecstatic with the quality of the batteries.

Is the happy face the box is wearing part of some sort of subliminal image?

I pointed that out to the tools team the other day. He looks so happy!