If Only There Was An Obvious Name...


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

grats Mathjis on printing!

Oh if only I were still 14 years old, I would be all OVER this one …

Wow, this looks really nice! Is that a rat at the top?

i like the little thing right below the “A” and above that thing’s head.

Nothing to buy here - thanks to my “no wearing anything with the word ‘roar’ on it” policy… Teefury is a bust too. Time for bed.

Update: Close-up the drawing looks good, just not my style, I’d buy this though…

The rat is actually on topic today… Well, I suppose it’s a mouse, but close enough.

Without the “ROAR” it is a cool shirt, with the “ROAR” it went from cool to uber-laaame in 6.5 seconds.

I like how the condition is “WTF RUN”.

Looks cool. I thought there were gradients from looking at the smaller image. Great use of colour. Also, this reminds me a bit of jimiyo’s DBH 10K entry.

Congratulations on the print Mathjis!

This shirt is terrifying. If I ever got it in a random I would burst into little girly tears.

Scary, creepy. Not gonna put it on my torso. Sorry.

Usually I note a great idea and horrible execution.

Today I note a lame idea and wonderful execution.

The art is great. Those talents should be put to a better purpose than this.

This shirt is completly gay and you are a moron if you want one.

Looks very childish. Reminds me of the howling wolf shirts you see at Wal-Mart.

Dear shirt.woot,

I think you mean, “If only there were an obvious name.”

Yay subjunctive clauses!

Eh… looks like a generic shirt from K-Mart that grandma buys for the kids, thinking it would be cool.

I must have missed the theme, but I CBA with that these days. Oh well. Still interesting design. As a statement shirt, though, whats it saying>?

This shirt would go great with some NASCAR and a cold beer.

Definitely not for me. I was hoping for something kinda special since the woot off is still going on, but not “special”.