iFrogz Voiceboost 2.0 Soundbar Black

iFrogz Voiceboost 2.0 Soundbar Black


Will this work on a Vizio smart TV?


This sold on HSN for $69.99. Seems to enhance voice frequencies only.


Anyone have any experience with this? Woes it sound good enough to play music over Bluetooth? A multipurpose speaker?


If it can out put to one of these inputs, should be good:

  • Use the Optical, Aux, Bluetooth, or USB input to easily add the soundbar to your home’s entertainment system.

I can’t find reviews for this anywhere. Is anyone having better luck finding some?


No experience with this soundbar, but my guess is the “voiceboost” is marketing speak for some pretty specific equalizer choices to dampen the frequencies outside the spoken range (around 80-250 Hz). Unless there’s a way to turn “voiceboost” off, you’ll probably be unhappy with the way your music will sound.


That is a very Amazon Fire TV-like remote!


I think it is purpose designed as a mid-range center console speaker. Opposite of and not intended for full range music. Best suited for relatives and those of us inquisitive types who always say, “What?”


iFrogz is a division of Zagg (maker of good aftermarket tablet keyboards) or at least an acquisition of Zagg so not quite brand X from some 2 guys operating a side street company in Shenzen.

Their manual


You can turn voice boost on or off


This iFrogz looks like a hard pass for me. No reviews anywhere is bad news.
Better deals on the Mothership are 2 Wohome soundbars with 80 or 100 watts. Both are currently reduced for Prime members, lots of 4+ star reviews, compatible with Fire & Roku.

https://amazon.com/gp/product/B092ZDRLX8. $49.99, delivers this weekend.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y6MH8BF $64.99, delivers next week.


I live in an apartment with a 43in Toshiba Fire Tv. It works perfectly for my needs. You can turn the voiceboost off and on (mines off) and I can adjust the sound with a pseudo-equalizer in my TV. Def worth $32. Wouldn’t pay the $69 someone else mentioned.


I’m highly suspicious of any product or seller that hides feedback and reviews.

We can infer from the hidden reviews that there are many problems with this sound bar.


Or, maybe, there aren’t any reviews Woot can link to. Wal-mart doesn’t have any and there are no comments on the video over at HSN.

iFrogz VoiceBoost Soundbar 2.0, 18” Soundbar and Remote with Dialogue Enhancement Technology, Optical, Aux, Bluetooth or USB Connection https://www.walmart.com/ip/2990867085

Find some. Link them here. No one will remove them.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


We just did Christmas at my Parents house. I bought this for them, hoping it would help my mom hear voices better. My dad is pretty anti anything new technology, yes this meets his definition of new technology. But i hooked it up for them and they absolutely loved it! It really did make the voices pop compared to how the tv sounded. I unfortunately was not able to test the bluetooth or any other features on there.
The remote is so easy to use, on/off button, up/down volume and under the volume circle there was a button under t)he volume button was a volume boost button. That boost button really helped. So if you want a very basic soundbar, this would be the sound bar for you!


I would not try to use this for music. voice boost is going to do funky things you don’t want done to music. I’m curious if the voice boost actually works. Ever since TVs went skinny, sound has gone to crap. No way around physics. You need a bigger box to get decent sound.


I’m sure this is user error, perhaps someone can help?

I’ve tried all settings and combinations. This soundbar only works if I connect it directly to the cable box (Comcast) and it then does as expected, boosting voices over background music, etc. I’ve tried all three cables, and since they recommend optical audio, that’s the one I’m using.

(The cable boxes are connected through hdmi. The Roku sticks are HDMI-Arc)

There are two problems:

In order to watch anything through the Roku stick or DVD, I have to disconnect the soundbar, or I hear audio from what was on the last cable channel. This makes the soundbar not only less useful, but also annoying.

The second tv cable box is an auxiliary box, it doesn’t have any input options, so can’t use it at all.

If I could connect the soundbar directly to the TV, as I expected to do, it would work on both tvs. But needing to run it through the cable box…

The TVs are Panasonic. Audio options (and I’ve tried ALL combinations) are TV speakers on or off, and sound is Digital or Component. When connected directly to TV, the soundbar doesn’t work at all. The green light is there, the lights flash if I press the remote buttons, but no sound.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected everything numerous times, trying all the various combinations and settings and cables, and get the same results.

Any suggestions? I really want these to work, but as it stands now the only option is packing up and sending them back, not my first choice. (The included card suggesting Customer Support doesn’t help, there is nothing on the website about these speakers, and the voice message refers you to the website, offering to text links to the website.)

Thank you!!


I bought 2 and I had difficulty setting up one of them. I had difficulty with the newer fancy Samsung, but I eventually got the settings correct for it. The older Samsung I had no issues connecting. Can you post a picture of the connection options on the back and explain how you are connecting it? Can you post the model number of the TV? The green light is if you are using the RCA outputs to connect. Is that how you are connecting it?


I just wanted to add that in very pleased with the purchase. It does seem to help with action shows and sports broadcasts that want to turn up the sound effects and background noise at the expense of dialogue. It does get pretty loud with minimal distortion and the Bluetooth sounds better than the $100 JBL Bluetooth speaker I have. No regrets with the purchase. My only gripe is I haven’t figured out how to get my cable box remote to recognize it so I can control it with that. Any help would be appreciated Comcast box. For 30 bucks you have no reason to be disappointed with it