Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #195: Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Go Cardio and Run!

I think those are the only two contenders I’d buy, but nice to see a couple of unique/interesting takes on zombies.

And please, Woot Gods, make kaseyfleming’s shirt snack an Editor’s Choice (or at least an Honorable Mention)! Sad to see such an great shirt not even make it into the fog.

If the “trapped” tshirt doesn’t make it, can you print it anyway some other time? Please? I promise to buy three…

Weekly comment on the nominees:

I’m one of those people who never quite “got” the zombies-as-meme thing. I suspect that there is a whole generation that was scarred as kids by 28 Days Later, and who are still trying to recover by laughing it off.

So I’m probably the wrong guy to comment on these, but I’m not letting that stop me.

International man symbol - I’m simply not going to deal with T-shirts featuring head shots, no matter how cartooney; it’ll be a real shame and evidence of bad planning if one of these comes up on Easter.

Moon - would have been an OK Halloween shirt. Nice use of the various yellows to evoke the big moon. A distant second place.

Rainbow - cuteness + zombies, with nasty results.

Cookie Monster - same formula as above, somewhat better results. The need to skirt the copyright issues hurts this one more than the “CM on a bender” one. Third place.

Scarecrow - now this is what I expect in a Woot derby. Funny and well executed, with a joke anybody could understand without knowing the theme. Original and so much better than just trying to tie the theme in with some other random meme. First place by a mile of yellow brick road.

Escape: yuk. See comment at top.

Windows - as nice of a take on realistic horror as you are going to find, I guess. Why anybody would want to wear it, I don’t know.

Bicycle: I like the design and colors; the gag doesn’t cut it for me. Will probably print. Can’t wait to see the pirate/bike one to complete the trilogy.

Cupcakes: Are cupcakes officially a meme now?

The Last Cupcake needs to show up for sale this week. My wife is so “craving” that shirt. Distinct possibility I’m buying @ least 3 shirts this weekend.

Wow, no RamyB print this week!

Trying to figure out who won this derby…

I bought the cup cake one, of course. Too cute. :slight_smile:

Okay, sixth place. A little disappointed I didn’t break top 3, but its my best performance in the derby, first time in the fog, and was really excited by potential of winning.

Thanks for all the votes, and congratulations to the winners.