Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters Fresh Roasted - 3 Pack

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How do YOU guys brew your coffee? My Mr. Coffee is how I do it, and the coffee tastes awful.

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mmmmm… coffeeeeee…

In for 2. Second (again) to mill. LOL!

I know it’s kind of late in the season, but how would these beans do in a toddy/cold press for iced coffee?

Does this come from the roaster or from the Woot warehouses? And how long from roasting? Smartpost? Time is important with coffee like this

How long ago was this roasted? I like mine roasted within a couple of weeks of consumption.

Yeah those are basically the worst. You can get a stainless filter for it, but your best bet is to get a french press or a mocha pot if you really want to enjoy your morning or afternoon caffeine.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love coffee… But when I asked for a Finger Lakes offering, this wasn’t what I had in mind.

One of the local coffee roasters here in Boulder, CO recommends grinding and brewing a couple of days after roasting. If the coffee is packaged well enough it should do well at least a couple weeks after it was roasted.

I know its not wine, but you won’t be disappointed if you are a coffee lover…glad you know where the Finger Lakes are!

The offer page indicates the coffee is roasted right after sale.

Use your Vacu-Matic Saver to vacuum preserve this the best you can, but the fresh roasting only stays fresh so long. This is still so much tastier and fresh than the 3 dollar charreddollars from the corner “cafe”

This deal works out to 33oz of coffee for about $25. This is right around $12/pound. I can get some excellent coffee locally from almost any part of the world roasted no more than a week before I bought it for significantly less than this. Why buy this?

AeroPress when I’m just brewing for me. A large Bodum french press for groups.

Hi this is Susan (javalady)…the coffee will be shipped to you upon roasting…Brian the roaster is currently sleeping and preparing for a big day tomorrow :slight_smile: Most coffee in the store is roasted weekes before it finally gets there…we always roast to order and suggest using your coffee within 12 weeks of purchase…or sooner…store in a cool dry place…no frig or freezer!

No, the best is either a vacuum brewer or the much cheaper alternative of an aeropress ($25 online). It makes excellent iced coffee because there is much less liquid to cool. I also love iced lattes with mine.

Because its a coffee I don’t readily have available in my part of the country… and its fun to try different coffees… and the coffee sounds yummy. :wink:

Hi, this is a great deal and some great coffee. At $19.99 it’s less than $10 lb and shipping really can’t be counted in. Coffee is at a 13 year higher and going higher…not the roasters fault. These are top notch coffees and will be roasted to order…that’s how we do it here…even the big names are up to $9 lb. at the Club Stores and a small batch, air cooled coffee is completely a different product.