Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

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Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $29.99 - 34.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Good customer reviews over at Crutchfield.

lifehacker.com named these one of their five best earbuds

Discussion from a previous sale

Being an old time “audiophile” (chuckle), I had a lot of respect for the Klipsch brand. I had not bought anything from them for quite a few years until recently I bought a pair of earbuds from some sale. It may have been a WOOT, but I could not swear to it.

Long story short, they were horrible, among the worst I have ever used, and I consider myself quite a headphone geek…They were very tinny, and had almost no bass…Even hooking them to a quality headphone amp did not help.

I would like to be able to trust this brand again, but I will have to read a lot of positive reviews first.

Anyone know how long the cable is? It wasn’t listed in the specs.

Thank you.

I’ve had a pair of S4i’s for several years now. They are a great little pair that I can just slip in my pocket whenever I have to take the train or I go skiing or biking. I’ve tried a number of earbuds over the years, and I always come back to these. They are by far the most comfortable in my ears.

I’ve had a regular pair of S4i headphones for a few years and a year or two ago I got one of these “rugged” pairs for running. I don’t ever use them for running though, because the in-line remote is absolutely gigantic.

I cannot overstate how large that thing is - it is way bigger than it appears in photos. When running the remote flops around so much it would often yank the buds out of my ears.

The sound quality is pretty great, but just be aware that you’ll have a giant rectangle of plastic weighing down the cord at all times.

I bought a pair of these last year and I like them okay fine. Sound is good and they block out other sound really well. I use the while riding on my tractor mowing and walking my dog. The volume buttons/play/pause are a bit large and do not work with my Samsung S5. The cord does not tangle at all. Overall a very sturdy durable pair of headphones that I like.

Thanks. Thats what i wanted to make sure. I see the design and had a feeling it’s bulky for activities. Another is the bass. Most cheap ones have next to no bass.

Anyone know how these compare to the basic iphone earbuds?

Not only are these fantastic earbuds, but Klipsch backs their product up with a no hassle replacement for the duration of the warranty. My last pair of s4i had a problem, and they shipped me R6i as a replacement.

Much better than iPhone earbuds, night and day

There is no comparison. These are 1000% better than stock buds.

Not sure on exact length, but the cable seems to be longer than other headphones cables. I wear these to lift weights, attached to my phone in my pocket, which leaves enough slack for the cable to wrap around the phone a couple of times, and travel through my shirt to my ears. Also, I’m 6’6", so it is a lot of distance from pocket to chest.

If you plan on moving at all while wearing these, I would advise against them. The in-line remote is HUGE (way larger than it needs to be), and as a result, very heavy. Even while using the wire clip they provide (which is flimsy and very easy to lose), the remote tugs the buds out of your ears.

I tried running with these and it was a disaster. Even just walking during my normal commute required me to re-position the buds back in my ear frequently.

I am told they are about 55 inches.

Anyone know if these could be used as a headset on a PS4? Looking for something basic to mic with friends and possibly run the full game audio through…without dropping a ton of money on a big headset.

And speaking to the basic S4’s, I got a pair a few years ago and love them. I don’t listen to bass-heavy music, but the clarity for an earbud, especially at this price, makes it a good buy in my mind.