KRUPS Simply Round Waffle Maker

KRUPS Simply Round Waffle Maker

Missed another waffle maker.:tired_face:

I have a little cheap one sort of like this and although I use it, I would pay extra to have one with removable plates so they could be completely washed. They say cleanup is “effortless” but believe me when I say cleaning in between all of those squares is way too time-consuming. I store it in a zip-locked 2.5 gallon baggie after cleaning just in case it still smells like food.

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You can get a 3 pack of Dash 4" mini’s almost at any time.

We purchased some of those. They were a bit of a disappointment.

We thought we would give a larger one a try.

We purchased one of the other ones on Woot.(Bella Classic Belgian Waffle Maker)

However, we never got the chance to try it out. Amazon threw the waffle maker (in its own small box) into a much larger Amazon box with no packing material. Some of the neighbors saw the delivery person drop it on the walk up to the door on the ground.

We have tried twice to revive it, but it was DOA. :sob:

We were happy our order made it to the door but unhappy it did not survive the trip. :disappointed_relieved:

R.I.P. Bella Waffle Maker. You are missed. :waffle::crying_cat_face:

Quest for waffles continues…

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